Sharing a Mutual friend’s party with ur EX || Swagger Sharma

Sharing a Mutual friend’s party with ur EX || Swagger Sharma

Last year you hosted your birthday party here only, right? Oh yes man! It’s my uncle’s club, it doesn’t cost my anything Clubs are really expensive You’re right man Hey! Hi Daksh Happy Birthday! Thanks! Thanks for coming I had to come dude! It’s your birthday and you’ve really spent some money on this party man! Not bad Oh yes, it costed me a little.. Motherfucker Hey Akansha, meet my friend Shivam Hi! He’s my college friend And Shivam, this is Akansha, my office colleague I’ll see you guys around, actually Vicky is getting bored Okay Bye! Fine, bye Who’s Vicky! Her boyfriend They’re fighting every second day Leave her Is there any other hot, single chick in the party? Single? Hot? You’ve got some demands dude! Oh fuck! What happened? Oh, it’s nothing Who invited her? Dude, my girl didn’t know you guys broke up She prepared the guest list Shove your guest list up your ass dude! I’m hunting for girls here, and she’s come with her boyfriend She’ll mock at me if she sees me You spoilt my Saturday night fucker! I’m going! Dude, listen up! Are you mad? Can’t you see? Hi You’ve also come? If I had known you were coming, I would never come And I’ve come to see here, right? Oh, you’re just here to stare at girls I’ve come with my girlfriend Can’t you see my hot girl there? You’re the one who’s alone here Your standards have really stooped low They were always low You… Fuck dude! Shit! Why did I come here! If she gets know I’m alone here, it’ll be really embarassing! Why the fuck did I come here in the first place Fuck! There’s one guy who can help me Pour some more mayonnaise fucker! More fucker more! Hey motherfucker, what’s up! Hey Sandy! You’re fucking the whole city dude! Dude, jokes apart, I’m really in a mess right now! Can you arrange one girl for me please? You, naughty boy! Spare some girls at least fucker! Dude, why are you always joking I’ve come to my friends party and my ex is here with her boyfriend I’ve already told her I’m here with my girl, but I’m alone dude! Please can you arrange one girl who can act well? Dude, why can’t your ex leave you alone Delhi’s ex Chief Minister is gone! Ex Prime Minister is gone! Ex Finance Minister is gone! All of the exes are fucking off Why is your ex not getting the fuck out of your life!? Dude can you do it or not? I can do anything except selling ass Your girl will be there in 15 dude! Send me the location on WhatsApp Thank you Sandy, love you brother Hi Akansha! What happened? Dude! He always does this to me If I talk to a guy for 2 minutes, he thinks I’m cheating on him This is wrong man! Can you ever commit to anyone with such possesive behaviour? No, never I think one should have the freedom to think and do whatever he or she wants Exactly! That’s what I believe in Yes, don’t worry dude! Everything will be fine What is happening here? When did you guys meet!? Rashmeet, this is my college friend, Shivam Shivam, this is Rashmeet Dude listen up! Coming! You guys enjoy Finally you broke the stereotype of engineers of having a terrible dressing sense Don’t worry Today you and I will break all engineering stereotypes together Okay I’ll leave, you guys have a good time Hey man, whatsup! Having fun? Totally, but I’m not sure about her, I think she’s bored How can someone have fun with such a boring friend of yours Exactly, I think that’s the only reason why we can’t stop talking for about 2 hours, right! Guys, time to cut the cake! Drinks, ma’am? Drinks? You want drinks? Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! These rich brats are really hissy! Why waste all the cake when you never eat it! Stupid fuckers! Where are all the waiters! Coming sir You can’t really go inside sir Why can’t I fucking go! Sir, there is a party today, you can’t go Hey fucker! I’ll fuck you up right away! Sir, ask her to behave! Why don’t you ask me, you pigfuck? Sir, I warn you, she’s a girl please go! Shove up your warning you fuck! Sir, ask her to behave I’ll burn your club down You fuckers will be begging around Sir, take her otherwise I’ll hit her Let’s go You’ll fucking hit me? You slut! I was just out for 10 minutes and here you are fucking around? See, this is the problem Such possesive behaviour! He was just trying to be nice to me He ain’t my boyfriend You’re lying Tell him Speak up! Yes, she’s right I was just helping her out Babe! Listen Move fast, lets go! He’s the guy Listen up guys, no one will trouble him He’s my boyfriend We’re having a great time We hook up 3-4 times a day Make it more prominent! He loves me a lot! And I love her too I don’t want it man! Take her, everyone knows Listen up fucker! You said half an hour and he was done in 5 I’ll take full payment My brother is in trouble and here you want money It’s not my problem fucker! Just a minute Hey fucker! Why are you hiding your face That day I helper you enter the club Ran to the washroom when you had to pay me! Give me my money! Take the full payment! What money? What money!? Give me my money I want it now I don’t have your money Oh fuck! She’s with a girl! I don’t have money I really don’t have it There they are! Catch them! Go back to your home guys The party is over My birthday is done! Don’t be upset, it’s your birthday! I’m done babe, go home now! What’s left Get done with your song! You switched back the lights on! Switch them off Go home everyone! The party is over Sorry I am sorry It’s all my fault No, its mine It’s mine Believe me, it’s mine Fuck! What did I do last night! Fuck! Sex with my ex!? We didn’t even eat anything, and got fucked for nothing You pulled me in this trouble Oh! Did I ask you to smash that bottle!? Come on quickly! Bringing in more!

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  2. એલા શું યાર તું પણ ! મજા આવી ગઇ ભાઈ ! એક્સ કે સાથ સેક્સ ! Awesome dude ! Love you both of you !

  3. Tumlog Aisi Galiya De Ke smaj me gndgi felate ho… Video Ki theme to achhi hoti h bt ye itni gnde shbdon Ka pryog…ni hona chiye

  4. I like gharvali and gharvali episode 1 much and I like to see you realse it's next part, it is more fun than IIT vali girl friend. I like your ex so much??. What's her real name??

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