Shoppers on early black friday deals

lot different than years past. Instead of the traditional hours, some stores are offering sales on Thanksgiving day. KITV 4’s Ashley Moser explains why that’s rubbing some shoppers the wrong way. 6 16 23 42 56 106 No pushing, no shoving… No running! Jerica “THERE’S NOT MUCH PEOPLE AND I CAN GET WHAT I WANT HERE. THERE’S NOT MUCH PEOPLE IN LINE.” 8:14 Black friday was borderline Laid-Back Friday at Pearlridge this morning.. Ericka Bagay 8:27 “THE LINES WEREN’T AS LONG AS THEY WERE LAST YEAR.” 8:30 These shoppers think more people are bargain hunting on Thanksgiving now. Rachel 12:14 “IT’S TAKING AWAY FROM THE WHOLE MEANING OF THANKSGIVING. WE’RE TRYING TO BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT WE HAVE AND YEAR WE’RE FIGHTING EACH OTHER FOR THE LAST TV.” 12:23 Mall managers have seen the changes too. Fred 0:53 “I SORT OF MISS THOSE DAYS A LITTLE BIT.” 0:57 They say online shopping has also thinned crowds on the nation’s biggest shopping day. Fred 2:43 “IT DEFINITELY IMPACTS US. WE’VE FELT IT I THINK FOR THE FIRST TIME LAST YEAR.” 2:47 This year to stay ahead of the game — retailer Prototype brought in crowds using a ‘hat drop’ sale opening their doors at the traditional — midnight hour. Jamie Kim 15:19 “WE ASKED THE CUSTOMERS HOW LONG THEY HAD BEEN WAITING FOR THE HAT DROP THEY SAID SEVEN HOURS.”15:25 But some shoppers say even that’s too early… Joanna 12:30 “HOPEFULLY THEY’LL MAKE BLACK FRIDAY ON FRIDAY. THURSDAY FOR THANKSGIVING SO YOU CAN BE WITH YOUR FAMILY.” 12:37 Ashley Moser — KITV 4 News. There were 30 stores that opened before midnight at Pearlridge. The mall is operating on normal Friday hours — closing

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