87 thoughts on “Shorty G & Ali vs. Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Revival: SmackDown, Dec. 6, 2019

  1. Lucha house party needs at least a WIN OMG how could they still be in WWE they are getting disrespected a LOT i want all the disrespected people in AEW: lucha house party, Akira, Sin Cara, Shelton, No Way Jose, Apollo and
    Eric Young cmon there are so many i really want them to see in AEW

  2. Heavy Machinery do not wear singlets anymore. They wear trunks. Otis shows a lot of meat and skin. Tucker shows a lot of muscles and skin. The New Day will beat The Revival at TLC.

  3. nobody :
    litterally nobody :
    commentary : "big e how do you thing about dash wild.. dash and wilder… dash wilder and scot dawson ?" ?

  4. Honestly I can tell Big E was frustrated to see the Revival win again. He wanted someone else to win the opportunity to face against him and Kofi at TLC.
    "You Hate to see it" is basically us right now. All of us don't want to see this match again.

  5. I would have rather watched any of the other three teams Vs the New Day.
    But we knew going in that the only heels were going to win this.

  6. Gable with the moonsault and the ankle lock, remind me again why the creative team thought Jason Jordan seemed like a believable illegitimate son ?

  7. so after few good pushes they're making gable lose again who was getting into fans too stop this stupidity give him a push he deserves he can be big star in future and ali too this 2 are amazing they desrve better

  8. "Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Elimination…bla…bla…bla".
    No matter WWE named the match,
    Why it's always The Revival???

  9. What I like about the teaming of Mustafa Ali and Chad Gable is that they have a lot in common unlike stupid put together teams like Rollins and Strowman or Roode and Ziggler

  10. Why revival vs new day again??? Doesn't vince get tired watching the same again and again?? It could been LHP or ali and shorty g

  11. Does smackdown have a different camera/ production crew from raw because the way they shoot the action is soooooo much better than raws it actually makes the in ring stuff more enjoyable and look more impactful. It's almost on par with NJPWs production and I dig it

  12. They are so stupid when they did not give mustafa ali the wwe cruiserwight title why they give him to tozawa and tony and gulak and they did not give him to mustafa ali

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