Silver Mickey 90 Years Funko Box! 3 Pop Packs & Tee Shirt! // Amazon Exclusive Review

Today we’re going to be checking out the new Amazon exclusive Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary silver box. So let’s get started. So Just getting right into it This box is Amazon exclusive and this is from pop tees And this is for the Mickey Mouse the true original 90th anniversary celebration this box was made by Funko and it does include three pops and one t-shirt and Everything in this box is silver to celebrate the anniversary This was found on the Amazon. I’ll have the link down below if you guys like to pick it up or check out pricing So let’s get this open. I saw that someone posted this just a couple of days ago and I like freaked out Didn’t know it was a thing and I’m surprised they didn’t release it like on his birthday It was released in December, which I thought was weird But it’s he’s 90 now. So this is still celebrating him being 90 This box is really really cool. And I don’t normally get a lot of Amazon exclusive pops But now I better keep an eye out for them cuz there are a lot of new ones coming You have a shirt which we’re going to look at first I thought this was really cool that they had the shirts included in it as well. Oh my gosh, this is so cool So it is black and it has the silver Mickey’s on it So it says 90 years Mickey and then it has the three different pops that we just got in this box I do like the design. I feel like the Mickey’s you look a little bit strange. I think it’s cute I’m glad they made it 98th Mickey shirt and it’s for pops. So that’s really fun, too. Now looking at this set of pops. Oh My gosh these are Amazing. So this is the 3-pack of Mickey Mouse pops and of Steamboat Willie Apprentice Mickey and dr. Mickey and also on here it has listed the other three new ones They released F after Mickey’s birthday There’s the plane crazy Mickey band concert Mickey and the holiday Mickey these two are available on Disney Store right now I did order those and this Christmas Nicky one I also ordered from Amazon, but it did not come yet, but I’m just so surprised how they release them app. Sure Like I wish they would have released them all before we’re going back to the front of the box This is the 3-pack and this is Amazon exclusive and there’s the Mickey the traditional logo we have the side view and Then the back with the description of the characters Or the same view on this side So we’re gonna open them up and take a better look at them because they were amazing already You can tell the feeling of the paint on these is different cause it’s literally just painted over silver, which is really neat I love how shiny it is and it just feels really smooth and everything. So taking a look at the Steamboat Willie pop. I Love all of the silver on it and it is the same as the original Steamboat. Willie pop that came out for the 90th anniversary He has his hat and the little steering wheel of the boat Mine does have some weird kind of damage on the back. I’m not really sure what’s going on there But overall it does look really really cool does stand up but it’s kind of Leaning so that one might need some help Sorry, I was hosting the next topic. I realize she lives with the bag This one’s tails not on it. That’s why there’s that weird mark right there Okay So I need to do surgery on this pop and put the tail back on because that stings I hate so They’re just like throwing boxes and they get broken and it’s so sad So I’m gonna need to fix that one. Next we have conductor Mickey and this one does feel the same It feels really cool. And I love again how shiny it is and this one is just the conductor He has his little conductor one I think that’s what you call that and I love his little suit how it’s kind of like coming out In the back and he has his little bowtie and I like how you can see all the layers of his shirt Even though it is just one color. I like how you can see all of the details separating all the different pieces So I really like that detailing as well this one does have a tail on which is good and that one ends up really well and the last puff that we have for this Amazon exclusive set is Apprentice Mickey and I love this Mickey so much. I wish he had his big hat on as well But I really like the detailing of the water and his clothes I really think that’s amazing. The bucket detail is really cool, too and I still love how its silver like I think that is so cool-looking cuz they look like Statues from all of the different moments that he’s had throughout the years So I think that is amazing overall a really cool set something different something I didn’t think or know that they were going to do so definitely keep an eye out on all the different sites like Barnes & Noble Target Amazon all the different things because they will be releasing new stuff here soon since it is the beginning of the year I also really started checking the original Funko Instagram account because they have been releasing pictures of some new pops Like these toys three four ones they look so so amazing and I’m super excited for Toy Story 4 So I’m really excited to collect those pops as well So if you guys want to keep up to date with pops, I would definitely just check out Instagram cuz then go get up-to-date information Thank you guys so much for watching this video Make sure to LIKE and subscribe to my channel if new Disney videos every Tuesday and Thursday I did post my pop figure collection last week See if you guys like to see all of my other pop figures make sure you go check that video out I’ll have it linked down below Thank you guys so much for watching Remember to do what you love and do makes you happy and I will see you guys next time. 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