Simple Christmas Card with String of Lights

Simple Christmas Card with String of Lights

Hi stamping friends! Melissa Kerman here
with Melissa’s Crafting Treehouse. I am an independent Stampin Up demonstrator
and I sell all the products that I share in my videos and today I’m featuring a
Christmas card project made with the Making Christmas Bright stamp set and the
coordinating Christmas bulb punch and it’s a really simple card but there are
a couple of little tips and tricks that I’m going to give you in this video that
should help make it super easy. So the first being how I made my string that
the bulbs are hanging on. So I used this framelit you see me holding here which
is part of the seasonal layers thinlits is just a scalloped die and I’ve cut it
at just the right spot on my cardstock to make it be a template for drawing the
the string that the bulbs are going to hang on. So I think I have the dimensions
on there it’s 2 and 3/4 tall so my template is actually started out as the
same size piece of cardstock as my focal piece and I’ve created the template of
course with the die and then I’m just going to trace the middle 3 scallops
using my Merry Merlot marker and as you can see I’ve gone over
the line a few times. I sort of gone back and forth so it’s a nice solid line but
not too thick. Now this project was one of three projects offered as part of my
holiday card to stamp a stack and it was offered as an in-person class as well as
a class to go. People who got class to go kits also received a template like the
one you saw here so it would be super easy for them to make their string as
I’ve shown you here today. So one of the other things I did on this is I used some
rhinestones and I colored 4 rhinestones using my bronze alcohol marker and you
can see there’s a thin and a thick end and I’m gonna use my
thick end or my paintbrush end to color my rhinestones. I like to color them on
the surface that they come on rather than on the card itself just to make
sure I don’t end up getting any of that bronze alcohol marker on the cardstock.
So after I’ve colored each of my rhinestones I’m going to use my paper
piercing tool to pick each one of them up and put them at the low point of each
of the valleys I guess of the string if you will, and then I’ve I’ll punch out my
bulbs from my joyous noel designer paper and one of the cool things I did
with this is I used a bunch of little itty bitty scraps that I had from
another project that I’d done to punch out the bulbs it was a really great
use of scraps now I took each ornament and in this case I just used one
bulb repeatedly and placed them where I wanted and put a small little pencil
mark at the very bottom of the bulb and this is gonna serve as a guide so
I’ll know where to stamp the image that looks like sort of the light coming off
of the bulb and I know you probably can’t see it here but I promise you that
the pencil mark is there. So now I have used my embossing buddy so that my
embossing powder doesn’t stick where it doesn’t belong and I’m taking that
little image from the making Christmas brights stamp set and stamping it so
that the low point of the image is right where the pencil mark is. So now I’m just
going to heat emboss those images in with my copper embossing powder. As soon
as I’m done with my heat embossing you’re gonna see me punching out the
bulbs from the strips of designer series paper and I did have some nice
long strips and you can see I’m kind of putting the punch in there trying to
find exactly the spot I might like to show a bunch of the copper elements on
the designer paper. So those were long strips and really easy to use but
I also had some little itty-bitty strips that I wanted to make use of so I put a
little bit of adhesive at the top of a piece of cardstock and just attached my
little tiny pieces of designer paper and then sort of used it as a handle to
punch out some additional bulbs. You can see I just showed you that my it
wouldn’t have fit it fit in properly if I was trying to hold it with my fingers
so I needed more of a like I said a handle in order to be able to get to the
spots I wanted to and get those copper elements punched out just the way I
wanted them. Now I’ve put dimensionals on the back side of each of the bulbs
and I’m just gonna place them so they fit just under the rhinestone and just
above the the stamped element that copper embossed light if you will that’s
shining off the bulb at the bottom and I’m just using a eraser to make sure
that little pencil mark doesn’t show so all there is really left to do is the
final assembly and everything else is just attached with snail adhesive
I didn’t use any dimensionals anywhere except for under the bulbs which I’ve
already done. So while I finish up I just want to let you know that this bundle
the making Christmas bright bundle with the making Christmas bright stamp set
and Christmas bulb builder punch is going to no longer be available after
January 2nd. Now the the products themselves will be available as
individual items but you won’t be able to get them as the bundle which of
course saves you 10%. So if you really like these two items you may want to get
them now instead of waiting. To learn more about these products you may want
to check out my blog post for this project. There is a link in the video
description below plus lots of other links to useful things on my website. So
if you enjoyed this project today and the video please give it a thumbs up share
it with friends and subscribe to my youtube channel and I hope you have a
great day and happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Simple Christmas Card with String of Lights

  1. One of the cutest cards I have seen made with this set. Wasn't impressed with this set but now I am reconsidering my thoughts on that. Thanks Melissa.

  2. Really lovely tfs, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to your projects in 2019πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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