SML Movie: Black Yoshi’s Black Friday!

SML Movie: Black Yoshi’s Black Friday!

Mario: Oh man, I’m so full from eating Thanksgiving dinner! Black Yoshi: Ooh folk, Mario, man! you wanna go Black Friday shopping with me, fo? Wha- No, Black Yoshi, because your gonna ask me to buy you stuff. No, I’m not, man. Everything’s free on Black Friday! (Not Really Black Yoshi) Wha- What are you talking about, Black Yoshi? Yeah man, everything’s free for black people On Black Friday. Wha- No, Black Yoshi, that’s not what that means. Black Friday means things are discounted, not free. Well maybe, it’s discounted for you white people, but for us black folks, everything free! Wha- Black Yoshi, where you hear that… That doesn’t make any sense! You just made that up! No, I didn’t, Mario, it-it’s everything free for black people, because the white people apologize for that slavery thing. So we get everything for free on Black Friday. Bla- Black Yoshi, that’s not… Okay, Black Yoshi. If everything’s free on Black Friday, then why are there prices? Why are there prices on this piece of paper? Because it’s for you white people who can read. Wha- Black Yoshi, that doesn’t make any sense! Yes they do, folk! Don’t you take this from me man, it’s the only other holiday I get besides, Martin Rufus King. Martian Rufus (Luther) King? Martian Rufus King MARTIAN LUTHER KING?! Yeah. Black Yoshi, you stole stuff all the month of February, because you said it was a free month. You get everything for free that month. Yeah, Black History’s Month. Black Yoshi, if you go inside the store and say you’re gonna get everything free on Black Friday and try taking stuff, you’re gonna get arrested. No I won’t, fo- it’s free- it say Black Friday right there on the top of the paper. BLACK YOSHI, THAT’S NOT WHAT THAT MEANS! YES IT DO! Aight. I’m gonna get me some free stuff. I’ll be right back. Wha- Black Yo- no- uh- (sighs twice) (Funky Electro-Mix Music)-(Best-Buy) Aah! (blows raspberry) Black Friday Sale! ‘Bout to get me a PS4! – Yeah, gimme one! Hehe! Oh! gimme two, ’cause they free ‘Bout to get a third one! *Weird Noises* I needs a controllers! Rufus: Ayyy. Its Black Friday Ery’thang FREEE! I KNOW! Ayyy! (warning alert) AAAAAAH (blows raspberry) Got me some Black Friday Deals! (Weird Noises) I can’t believe I got all diss stuff, on Black Friday! Police: Uh, Excuse me sir, did you pay for any of this stuff? Um, no it Black Friday, everything free th-that doesn’t mean everythings free… Black Friday just means everything’s at a discount Well, maybe for you white people but im black, and on Black Friday, everythin free. Sir, you stole all of this stuff. No I didn’t, it was free on Black Friday! OK Sir, your coming with me, c’mon your under arrest. I ain’t do nothin everythin wa- free Oh man, I really hope Black Yoshi didn’t just go steal stuff… (Phone Rings) Huh-?, of course, of course he did. Hello? MARIO! The damn pigs arrested me for stealing folk! STEALING BLACK YOSHI?! I TOLD YOU NOTHING WAS FREE ON BLACK FRIDAY, BLACK YOSHI! I TOLD YOU IT WAS DISCOUNTED! YOU ACTUALLY DID IT?! But Mario, It’s Black Friday and everything was FREE! No its not, Black Yoshi- what did you take? Mario I took about, bout 2-3 TV’s uhh- uhhhh uhh ahh ooh oooh 3 PlayStation 4’s THREE OF THEM?! BLACK YOSHI WHY, even if it was free why would you take three PS4’s? BECAUSE I NEED THEM FOLK! THEY WERE FREE, AND I NEEDED THE MAP PACKS! The map packs… (I don’t even bother writing this i can’t even type all of this, its just Black Yoshi Whining ) Mario please come bail me out fo-, PLEASEEEE!!! Bla- Black Yoshi, how much is your bail? It’s about $15,000. FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLL- Black Yoshi I don’t have $15,000, I can’t bail you out. But Mario, pleeeease, I didn’t do nothing wrong, it was Black Friday and it was free! Bla- Black Yoshi, le- le- let me call up a friend, and see what i can do, but i don’t think I can get that money to bail you out. HURRY UP FO- , I CAN’T BE IN HERE! (SIGHS) O-OK Black Yoshi imma- imma call a friend (Doorbell Rings) Uhh hello? Mr. Goodman: What do you want at 2:00 A.M, the Friday after Thanksgiving? Mario: Uh, well, I hope I wasn’t interupting you. Goodman: Oh, you were. Mario: Oh, well. What were you thankful for? Goodman: What was I thankful for? Huh, I was thankful for my wife’s big thick tits that I was grabbing when you called! So whatever the hell this is, better be worth me giving that up to attend of this. Mario: Uh well come on in and ill explain Mario: Okay the reason why I called you is… uh… I need to borrow money. Dx

100 thoughts on “SML Movie: Black Yoshi’s Black Friday!

  1. If I had $10,000 dollars, I would save up for Black Friday and buy myself a PS4,2 DualShock controllers and a pair of Beats headphones. Then I will buy a few games to play.

  2. The sad part of Goodman because it feels like that last time I was with my dad when my dad died from eight shots on his chest

  3. 🐿🐿🦔🦔🐿🐿🐿🦔🦔🦔🦔🐿🌵🐚🌻🌕🌎🍄🐚🥀🔥💥🌪🌥☁️☁️🌥⛄️⛄️☃️❄️💧🌫

  4. I'm thankful for having my parrot but unfortunately she died today this breaks my heart 😥😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Black History's month is on February 1st until February 29 and Martin Luther King is on January so get it right Black Yoshi!

  6. I have 100 dollars Black Yoshi I can bail you out of jail now and everything is good to go home to be late for us to come over for dinner done with my son together and everything else that's you doing today I hope you have my number if you want to come over for dinner tonight at 4:30 and 2:30

  7. 0:14 that is so racist. Just because it's called black friday doesn't mean everything is free for black people. And even if that was true it would be so unfair to white people.

  8. if brooklyn guy was black he probably wouldnt have arrested black yoshi because he would be shopping for free stuff too

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