SML Movie: Jeffy’s Bad Christmas

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Bad Christmas

Alright Jeffy. Open up your present. One present, Daddy? Yeah. You only got one. WHY?!!? Uh… uh.. I don’t know. That’s all Santa brought. Well, it better be something good. ELEPHANT POOP?! I WANTED THIS LAST YEAR!!! Jeffy, that’s not elephant poop. That’s coal. And you got coal because you’re a bad boy. You said Jeffy’s a BAD BOY?! Yeah, Jeffy. You’re a bad boy all year long, so Santa got you coal. Because you got our videos age-restricted! (Jeffy is angry) EEEEEEEEEE UUUUUU AAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (rip christmas tree) TAKE THAT, SANTA CLAUS! JEFFY! YOU THREW THE CHRISTMAS TREE, JEFFY?! YEAH! BECAUSE SANTA CLAUS GAVE ME ELEPHANT POOP!! Jeffy you didn’t get toys because you were bad! And bad kids don’t get toys for Christmas, Jeffy! EEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! huhhhh Oooh Fo Mario! Happy Free Stuff day! Where my presents at? Oh yeah, I did get you a present, Black Yoshi. Uh, hold on. Let me get it. Merry Christmas, Black Yoshi. Ooh, what’cha get me? I hope it’s money! Let me see. Purpuliss Kool-Aid?!?
Oh you know me all too well, FO! Yeah, I know. I got you Kool-Aid. I always get… Package came for you, fo! What? A package came? For me? Mhmmm! It’s from YouTube? Where’d you get this? Oh, I stole it off a front doorstep. See, I was going around stealing packages off people’s front doors… and I stole this one from my house.(How can you steal from your own house?) Uhh w.. w… But it’s from YouTube? What would YouTube want to send us?(a demonetization strike) I don’t know. Let me see. This present has been age-restricted Yeah, yeah. That’s what they’ve been doing to us. Well anyway, Merry Christmas, Black Yoshi. Merry Christmas. Woah! Look at all this stuff I got for Christmas! This is the best Christmas ever! AGH!! STUPID SANTA CLAUS!!!! Wha– Jeffy what’s wrong? I didn’t get anything for CHRISTMAS!! Wha– you didn’t get anything for Christmas? Well, I got elephant poop! Wha– Elephant poop? Yeah. Well, Santa gave me all this cool stuff. Look, he gave me this robot. And he gave me a Thomas the Dank engine. He’s so dank! You got all this stuff for Christmas from Santa Claus?!? Yeah, from Santa Claus. *the sound of constipation* DADDY!!!! DADDY!!!!!! What’s wrong Jeffy? WHY DID JUNIOR GET PRESENTS FROM SANTA CLAUS, AND I ONLY GOT ELEPHANT POOP?! Well, because Jeffy I already explained this to you. You were bad all year long, (but Juniors a huge brat) and Santa Claus doesn’t give toys to kids that were bad. Oh! How did he know I was bad Daddy?! Because Jeffy, Santa Claus is always watching you.(stalker) He always knows if you were bad or not, and you were bad all year long, so he didn’t give you any toys. So Santa Claus is watching right now? Yep, Santa Claus is watching you right now. Well I gotta message for Santa Claus! HEY SANTA CLAUS!! F*** U!!! Wha–? N!!! That spells F-U-N! And I’m not having F-U-N right now, BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME ANY NEW TOYS TO PLAY WITH! Well, Jeffy, you’re being bad right now and he’s not listening to you.(but he’s always watching and listening) Well how do I get toys right now, Daddy?! Well Jeffy If I got Santa Claus to come visit you right now, would you apologize to him, and promise you’d be good forever? (Jeffy’s mind: No, but I’ll suck up for now) Yeah. Wha– you would? nuh-uh! So if I get Santa Claus you will apologize to him? UHH HUHHH!! Alright Jeffy, let me go get Santa Claus! But you gotta be on your best behavior, and you gotta apologize and promise you will always be good. Ok Daddy. Alright Jeffy Santa Claus will be here any second now. Ok Daddy. Wha–? What’s that sound Jeffy? Wha– Could it be? I think it’s– Santa Claus! Ho Ho Ho!(You only need one ho, not 3. 1 is enough) And i’m not talking about my ex wife!(ooh, get roasted) SANTA CLAUS?!! Yep that’s me, I’m Santa.(how many jobs does this guy have) And I brought Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! People used to laugh and call him names, and they still do. You red nosed freak! Alright Jeffy– Clown! Oh yeah I’m sorry, I’m done. Alright Jeffy you– Ugly! We get it! Alright Jeffy, what were you going to say to Santa Claus? Hey Mr. Santa Claus, F U– Woah! –N! Oh it spells fun. Yeah, and I’m not having fun this year, because you didn’t bring me any new toys! Well, you’ve been a really bad boy this year! You’ve been yelling, and cussing, and breaking stuff, and kids like that don’t get toys. Yeah Jeffy, he’s been watching you all year. Yeah, I’ve been watching all the kids. Just millions of kids.(pedophile) 24/7, 365.(pedophile) Watching all the kids.(pedophile) I see everything they do…(pedophile) I should be investigated. I have a problem. I have a problem making all these toys! For all the kids. Is what I meant to say. But, it’s kind of messed up if you think about it, like I got thousands of midgets working for me,(racist) for no pay to make toys,(racist) and then I break into peoples houses to deliver those toys,(intruder) and then I fly in my sleigh,(runaway) over no fly zones,(asshole) and just to go back home so I can watch more kids. (that seems fun) Well Mr. Santa Claus, I’m sorry, and I promise to be good. Give me toys. Well, I’m sorry but I’m sorry you are so ugly.(racist) Is that glitter on your nose?(DON’T REVEAL YOUR TRICK) Yes. What, did you even try on your costume? What is this, did you shave your stomach? Did you get spayed? It’s homemade I made it last night. Hey, how about we focus on this? You didn’t get any toys this year, because you were bad. You have to wait until next year. NEXT YEAR?!?!?! TAKE THIS SANTA CLAUS!!!! THAT’S NOT THE REAL SANTA CLAUS!!!(liar) He’s right! I’m a fraud! Brooklyn Guy: BOO HOO! And this is not a Rudolf either… It’s my co-worker, Jerry. Jeffy: Where’s the real santa, Daddy? Mario: The Real Santa Claus Jeffy, he’s in uh..North Carolina. North Carolina? Don’t you mean the North Pole?(No, he needs a winter home to survive through the snow that he already goes through 24/7/365) Oh yeah the North… The North Pole. -Yeah,
yeah. Santa Claus likes to go to North (racist) Carolina on weekends we can look at
lighthouses at Cape Hatteras oh you he’s at the stripper pole Jeffy I-I couldn’t get him he was really busy so I got this Santa Claus so… yea well i’m gonna find the real Santa Claus well jeff- *huff* Mario: Well..Thank so for trying Bowser Jr: So cody he shoots rockets and missiles and he also can blow up an entire planet(why would he?) He can do all that stuff Santa Claus give him to me. He’s pretty cool Junior, I need you’re help!!! Wait… what’s wrong! I need to go to North Carolina.(Finally, a break from that cunt) Why To see Santa Claus Did you mean the North Pole Why do you want to see Santa’s anyway? Because he didn’t give me no toys for Christmas,(double negative) and I gotta ask him why. Well, Cody can you take us to North Pole With you’re machines No junior there’s no way Do you think you can bring Santa’s claus to us Like a teleportion machine hmmm, I might have something for that, hold on Really Just get the old ukelele ukulele can open up portals in space and time just with music what really yeah so if we play a catchy enough jingle maybe we can bring Santa here oh let’s give it a shot
my names Cody and I’m a hunky dude hunky dude hunky dude hunky dude okay dude you think about
that well where’s the portal what, the portal I opened to your heart
no no the one that supposed to bring Santa Claus to us
oh well well this is just a normal ukelele I just I just wanted to know if
you like this song(it seems like a oke Brooklyn Guy would make) yeah it was okay oh How’s it work? Well, you just crank the old knob and then you turn that dial there.(what, where’s the autopilot button, those words are foreign to me) But you have to say what you want to bring here. Okay. Its that simple? Yep. Okay. Um… We want Santa Claus in this room right now.(machine: tough luck) WHOA! What’s going on here? Where am I? Oh, hey, Santa. I’ll tell you what’s going on. You better take these hands! (punches Santa) TAKE THAT, SANTA! Jeffy! You knocked down Santa Claus! Yeah. Why’d you do that? Because he didn’t gave me any toys for Christmas! HO, HO, OH NO. Why’d you do that? Because you gave me no toys for Christmas! What? No toys? Hold on. (grunts) The only reason you were getting no toy is if you weren’t on the naughty list. Let me check. So what was your name little boy? My name is Jeffy. See it says it on my shirt
Jef-fy. Hmm, Jeffy. Yes. LOOK, YOUR NAME IS RIGHT HERE! *Santa hit Jeffy with the book and runs away*(FINALLY, HE GOT WHAT HE HAD COMING) JUNIOR! CODY! STOP HIM! Jeffy punch Santa in the face (1st try and that’s what I’ll do to YouTube for age-restricting SML) Let me go, kids!
you go until you give me talk I can’t give toys to kids are naughty I’m never
gonna let you go channel listen I’ll Jeffy punch Santa in the face (2nd try) then I made the rope it fit tight this
time listen I will run again I swear if you let me go
Sam I’m never letting you go after what you did dang just let me get my toilet
back and I’ll give you whatever to you you the saddest promise and I don’t
think he’d run again so yeah I’d let him go all right
yeah how these gonna write again you can imagine but but it’s empty because I
could reach all the toilets on the North Pole wait wait is it so that bag takes
you to the North Pole huh oh good mrs. Jeffy he’s trying to escape to the North Pole! Get him! Jeffy:STOP HIM! *Dramatic Music and a fat man running down the stairs* I think I’m free!!! *OOF* *Hits the door* movie go floor we’re not falling for
that against Santa you keep trying to escape
yeah Santa why is it so hard to give Jeffy just one toy because he’s naughty
no granite windows oh my into the door just to keep him shut up hello Merry
Christmas Oh cops what are you doing here oh yeah
we got a call from the North Pole saying that Santa had called them and told them
that he had been kidnapped kidnapped kidnapped yeah yeah we take calls from
the North Pole pretty seriously so I’m gonna have to come in and look around
even though I don’t have a warrant uh but Santa Claus is definitely not here
so why would you want to come in yeah but I still have to search so okay now
where is it Santa know if the robot toy that I got for Christmas
oh that’s awesome huh what is that thing oh that’s my snow glow well what was it
uh your mom cuz she’s fat my mom uh-huh really really you’re gonna do that
you’re gonna call my mom fat what is it what does it matter where you just
insult my mother I’m in your ex-wife oh man all right if you see Santa you just
give me a call okay okay will do doll with all that noise we almost got caught
sorry junior we were trying to keep him quiet well I thought Jeff he tried to
keep quiet if I hit him in the head what were you doing
I was hitting him in the head mm-hmm you’re doing a bad job at it mm-hmm oh
boy toy boy well yeah well what are we gonna do all you’re gonna get them toys
or not listen I’ll give you one toy if you give me milk and cookies what milk
and cookies I mean I don’t know if we should trust them he keeps trying to run
off and stuff but all right Cody how about you go get the milk and cookies
and we’ll stay here with them okay there’s a good boy no Santa white
blanket oh that guy’s not right now Jeff you want to say I hate you so much
oh god guys what Cody I think Santa’s choking what
yeah what we do Jimmy you just saved Santa’s life citizens live yeah you
saved my life give me toys maybe not so nerdy after
all give me joy you do what I will give you toys Chucky you’re gonna get a toy
for saving his life right okay I’ve decided to give all
three of you the toy yeah turn around close the tent and then when you turn
back around you’ll have your toy oh he left
oh yeah I stopped going I wasn’t And… Go! One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten! We’re not toys! (Stupid Santa Claus) Wha? Are You What?! What? HE LEFT?!?!?!?! is expecting that oh boy oh boy chasing me
there you know he’s already at the North Pole. I didn’t get anything for Christmas that’s sucks! Jessie yeah I just really wanted touring
yeah everybody deserves a toy on Christmas except for me yeah except for you jr.
I mean hey Jeffy you want to have my my really cool super cool robot toy for
Christmas yeah you can have that oh thank you Christmas should be about giving yeah I
mean I did feel really good but well why don’t we just bring Santa back with this
thing oh it’s all that a juice Junior it’s not gonna work
oh but is there something you want to give me um you know like anything is
just no now is there anything you can oof THAT GOD DAMN CAT PIANO!!!!!!! I HATE THAT PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Save me the just the dog or I’m never ever ever ever ever ever going to watch you ever again because I’m your biggest fan and I subscribe to you

  2. Put captians on. Mario:so if i get santa claus to visit you will you apoligies and be goid forever? Jeffy's mind: no

  3. My little sisters watch this channel all the time, and I'm curious why the hell are they getting age restricted because my little sisters don't go around saying the words that Jeffy says.

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  5. At 1:38 did anyone find the face he made funny?? Bc I laughed a lot for some reason.💯 and the way he moved his head

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