Spider-Man Batman Deadpool New Year’s Party

(*Club music plays*) (why is santa here???) Green Lantern, you’re all talk, buddy. Santa! What are you doing here? – Holidays are over, Superman! There’s no place for an old man like me until next Christmas. Request yeah, what’s up? … Pfft! I don’t have that, get outta here! I would never play that! Domino~ (things are getting spicy) So, what about bringing MJ into this? – WHAT? – Yeah! Is that ok? – Get off me…! – What did I say? You’ve got me, Gwen, Liz, Betty, Black Cat, and Silk. (danm you silk) – That sounds about right. – Is there anyone in Marvel universe you haven’t made out with? – When I go home, you know – the future – can I hook up with your great-granddaughter? – Ahah. Let’s just try and make it to next year first. But you have to wear the uniform once a year.
I have to wear it every single day. Hey, Domino. Look! – …so then I push the Penguin down this hill,
and he went right down into oncoming traffic, so… *ahem* – Batman, hurry up and kiss her! – Shut up! I am never going drunk web-slinging again. You look like you need a drink. – I could totally use a drink.
I ran out like half an hour ago. – What!
– Yeah! – You know what? Gimme one second.
I got you covered. – Alright, one second. On the clock. – Got it! – …running out! – Here you go. This is for you. – Ohh! Uummm… Thanks? – Remember, it’s the one that I wanted?
She has the same one! Who am I looking at? …Really? Okay, so, the work I do – I’m not curing cancer, or stopping the train from going over a bridge – but dammit, it’s important! – Santa, you get to decide, who’s naughty or nice.
I gotta save everybody. Hey! What do you think you’re doing? – What? I got a six pack in here. I’m just getting a beer. – Uh, no. They’re all ours. – What? No… – Yeah, take a look, bud. – Can I get a drink? – Sure. – What– what, why don’t I get one? – Because she has boobs, silly! Hey, look! It’s New Year! …10! …9! …8! …7! …6! …5! …4! …3! …2! …1! *cheering* *toooot!* Happy New Year, Santa. – Happy New Year, Superman. – You need a lift, pal? Happy New Year, everybody!
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