Star Shower Slideshow Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products

Star Shower Slideshow Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products

Star Shower Laser Lights, Christmas Lights Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products hello you guys and welcome back to
another vivian tries I have for you today some really cool as seen on
tv products so these are called star showers I found four different
varieties of them I am gonna split them up into four different Vivian tries
videos so watch out for each one of them and for this Vivian tries we’re gonna
start with this guy star shower slide show it has two Christmas light show and
the Halloween and you’ll see there how cute is that has the instructions and
then you get wow I think doesn’t know what I’m gonna like fancy okay oh okay so I thought it was
just Halloween and Christmas but you get all the holidays that’s cool okay so
guys look six Christmas you get two Halloween and then four of the other
ones but here are the 12 that you get how cool let’s see how that goes in
hasn’t yet to put it in here first I’ll read the instructions in a minute
okay like this then this is a Halloween one see it okay and I’m also gonna put
the steak on this I think this is called a state cause but I’m gonna call it for
the grass but it does have a stand and if you want to put it inside your house
okay so there’s this one go test it outside okay
let’s see how we’re about 25 feet away from the house is where we have it’s
okay that’s cute but you’re gonna need like three of these things if you have a
big house I’m gonna do it Christmas one no the hell okay they’re switched it out
this is Christmas I’m over here you slide this guy in here
voila okay thank us in let’s see guys if you in real life like it’s it’s not as
clear so we have two little buttons here on top it’s a slow or fast and then you
push this little button so it just rotates through the four little we’re
gonna go fast and then we’re gonna click that let’s
see oh they’re moving now oh my god I almost missed the whole fact okay that’s
kind of cool now okay so maybe you don’t need 50 of these maybe you just need two
one on each side of your house right okay that’s cute but why isn’t the
Santa Claus no not as vibrant as it was a second ago because he’s moving this a
slow mode the features of all these things are it’s just more vibrant I
think this was better I like this one you still gonna need like two of them
but this one’s cuter on slow mode so we’re gonna do the little Christmas
trees and the presents okay here we go we’re gonna put it on slow and then okay
that’s cute let’s switch it to fast oh there it is
all that was cute with the gingerbread man maybe well okay maybe if you have it
in the middle of your house you only need one so here is 11 feet away on at
the garage door that’s really cute but we’re really close to the house here and
it’s all up in your driveway and not only on your house but it’s cute I like
the colors alright here we have another Christmas one it’s moving slow no it’s
moving faster cute alright so that’s the design just standing still okay so
here’s Valentine’s Day moving fast mode this is the slow mode cute and that’s
just them standing still this is the fast mode for the Easter design here’s
the slow-mo how cute is the Easter one the Easter
one is very cute that is the new movement one can see it very cute
alright so here’s another Christmas walk let’s get them moving I think that’s the
fast mode let’s do slow mode nice that’s them just standing still it has all
these cool little designs you insert it here I kind of show it to you but I want
to show it to you again pretty easy to put on there you just slip that in there
and you put it in there so that part was pretty easy it has two buttons on the
top for how fast and how slow you want it to move around and then this here
actually turns on the motion or you can have them just sitting still this one
was just okay it wasn’t too bad I really like that there is
color I mean I think that’s what really gave it some extra points for me that
these were in full color so it looked really cool on the house but you have to
switch these out so if you’re not out there everyday in your front yard
switching out the designs you pretty much just have one design so I think
that little manual process is a painted I guess just my opinion
you’re probably gonna forget you’re not gonna remember to go out there every
however many days to switch these out but they do come with options for you to
switch them out so I guess that’s a bonus so I’m gonna give this guy for
Libyan hands this one was one of the two that I was
most excited about it was okay it wasn’t my favorite I’ll link up in the
description of this video all three of the other videos so you can go check to
see which one I absolutely loved you’re gonna be surprised
alright you guys that is it for another vivianne tries I hope that you have
enjoyed this video if you have give it a big thumbs up for me in the comments
down below let me know if you’ve seen a cool-ass you know television product
that you think I should try it might get featured in an upcoming video if you’re
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that you don’t miss one of my videos I’m putting out one to two videos every week
for your entertainment that’s all the time for you today I’ll see you in the next one. Star Shower Laser Lights, Christmas Lights Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products

55 thoughts on “Star Shower Slideshow Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products

  1. Star Shower Laser Lights, Christmas Lights Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products

    Stop struggling with holiday string lights year after year. You spend all that time hanging them just to find out they don't work anymore. Star Shower Laser Lights are the all-new home laser light that projects brilliant holiday pictures in magic motion.

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  2. Love your vlogs, low key, seems like you're just being yourself, plus I love that you cuss when necessary! Lol I'm a 36 yr old…and I think that you'd be a blast to hang with!

  3. Hello Vivian Not sure if you noticed but all of these lights are made by the same manufacturer, love watching your videos, take care.

  4. I think the Easter one is my favorite too, it takes me back to when I was a kid hanging plastic easter eggs from the trees in the front yard haha. My decorating skills were on point! ??

  5. we got ROBBBBBED….. no question of the day lol jk… i think this item is cool i just always fear that i'll have it on outside and someone will come by and steal it.

  6. That phantom whisper had me bugging for a minute thinking product review /paranormal activity until i read the caption ?

  7. Once again. someone that does not like the video…. Why, whats wrong with you. Thanks for the awesome videos Vivian.

  8. Mmm THEY also have one with just the xmas that trims ur house but it cost 80 at dollar General..but the box say its worth it mm i keep u posted

  9. I wonder how those buttons & sticker would hold up here in Ohio? Snow freezing rain and such? But it is cute. You have a beautiful house. 🙂

  10. Hey Vivian! Always been intrigued with these! Was debating them for our house! My partner and I live in Vermont so is there a way you can see how they function in cold weather/cold environments?? Still love your page!!! ~David

  11. Hmmm…for some reason I'm hungry for a steak! Thanks for that subliminal message, LOL! And, that did not look like a Diet Dr Pepper in that glass

  12. Hi Vivian. I like the christmas one the best. I like that ide for the viwer. It reminds me of the little one's that I had as a kid I loved that. Have a good. Weekend. Stay warm we are about. 19 degree. Right now and a high of 32 for. Milwaukee. With snow showers. For Friday's forecast

  13. Our local airport has been having police tell people that they can't use some of those products.  But I think that this one would be acceptable. It seems pilots don't like lasers pointed up in the sky.

  14. I just saw another one on TV called Points of Light …looks like they sell them at Wal Mart..maybe u could check it out…Love ur stuff btw…

  15. Ooooohhhhhh I like this, here in he UK it’ll probably cost £189988 though. Can’t wait to see your 3 other ones too xx

  16. i have the star shower slideshow i like it i don't think it's a pain in the butt i like changing the slides and i like the way they are in full color

  17. This product is, based on my personal experience, not a very good laser/holiday display. Nothing is ever very clear and movements are too boring, little variety. The fact that the stake and mount broke 1st season despite pre-trenching the stake hole + cheap plastic support.

  18. I just love your videos and you! You remind me of myself and you would be a blast to hang out with. Well, you would not believe it but I'm watching you here in Germany so you do get around girl and you probably don't even know how many more are watching around the world! Keep us smiling and looking forward to more entertainment from you. You rock!

  19. My husband and I will go and pick one up this weekend to add to all of our other Halloween decorations. We buy a lot of our things from watching your videos. Thank you.

  20. Vivian I brought the Flawless Legs hair removal. After I opened it ,looking for the warranty card there was none.Called the company was told there is no guarantee.For sixty dollars I expected something. In your video you did not mention this. Buyer beware with this product.I don't think it deserves five Vivian heads for this reason. I will be returning mine.

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