Stretli sme sa so Santom na Polárnom kruhu / Personally Meeting Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle

Stretli sme sa so Santom na Polárnom kruhu / Personally Meeting Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle

Liptov, Slovakia, -5 °C the weather is not worth much even the water is warm can you imagine if we were somewhere in North so, let’s go The Arctic Circle, Finland, -12 °C you coconut, this is a different coffee we are departing from Ružomberok, the direction is unknown, yet expedition begins 2.400 km to destination our first stop, first day in Poland, in Krakow the largest medieval city square in Central Europe 200 x 200 meters we have shifted more to the North again still in Poland in the city of Warsaw we are at the Palace of Culture and Science it is the tallest building in Poland 42 floors We forgot right from the beginning to introduce to you our two friends and the best photographers in Slovakia that’s us it’s 1000 kilometers from home in Lithuania the first day of the journey is over, we are going to sleep the first day of the journey is over, we are going to sleep we slept enough, day number 2 starts how did you sleep? it was super, but we were quite surprised by cold because where we are going, there should be -15 °C, and here was -1°C and we were freezing we look forward to what it will be my legs are swollen, I almost didn’t put them in my shoes next stop in Lithuania, which city? Vilnius our expedition continues, day number 2, we are going to look around here so another short stop by the Baltic Janko, you can even smile a little bit. I’m pensive, my head is freezing next stop Latvia in the capital, Riga the so-called Paris of the Baltic here it’s like within a fairy tale so let’s look at it coffee in Latvia how many degrees is? -3 °C the best you can take is ice lolly we shifted to Estonia, near to the city of Tallinn from where we go by ferry to Helsinki tomorrow in case I said it right is cooled a bit, we slept at 0 degrees yesterday today it is -5 °C, so we have added some layer of clothing yes we underestimated it last night, and it was cold at night it’s midnight and we have three hours of sleep ahead of us, so we’re going to sleep abundantly Good morning, the homeless greet you we continue Christmas Merry Christmas you already look like a Santa Claus beautiful we look forward to the next night, did you sleep well? great, it was warmer than yesterday Hi, Liptáci are sleepy, so I’ll tell you that we are in the capital of Finland, Helsinki we are currently standing in front of the Evangelical Cathedral, which is the main landmark of this city it’s our next main stop after quality filming we have been frozen, and we are going to have a cappuccino half liter during this expedition we have a half-liter coffee every day we go from coffee to coffee only now it becomes really interesting we are finally in the destination country, so now the fun starts so, 2000 km behind us our car is running away another 400 km ahead us we will have to walk 400 km to Santa Claus and finally, is snowing here we are in the destination almost in the destination a few kilometers 1.00 am in the morning this is not because of cold this is because we are glad we are almost at the end of our journey friends, cheers, happy and cheerful 3th day 4 km from the Santa Claus we are finally there in our destination it took us 2400 km a while but we are looking forward to We are going to see Santa hi hi, how are you? if you liked this video chilling do not forget to put under the video, that you liked it, subscribe and comment and for those of you who will write in the comment what Christmas means to them what they value most, or what they are most grateful for we have prepared some great prizes for you these glamorous outdoor caps outdoor shoes Nisan Navara for the whole weekend also Liptaci´s merchandise for the whole family We wish you Merry Christmas Listen, we could journey 5,000 km, siting in the car for 5 days just only to see that Nicholas for 20 seconds? that’s what our Vlogs are … about moments you won’t experience at home on the couch

3 thoughts on “Stretli sme sa so Santom na Polárnom kruhu / Personally Meeting Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle

  1. vianoce niesu o darčekoch ale o ludoch sktorymi tieto sviatky straviš.. lebo laska a zdravie su prvorade.. ste super.. sledujem vas uz rok.. a ste MEGA.. dufam ze raz sa stretneme niekde v horach… 🙂

  2. chalani a baba ďalšie skvelé a MEGA videjko oplatilo sa počkať.V dobrom Vám závidím ten výlet aj keď takú dobu sedieť v aute to sa dá len keď sa zídu super ľudia.A VIANOCE??? Tu sa už asi nič iné a lepšie nedá vymyslieť.Vianoce sú proste rodina,pohoda a doba keď si nájdeme viac času byť spolu.Ste pre mnoho ľudí veľkou inšpiráciou a za to Vám ďakujem.

  3. Super video ako vzdy 🙂 pre mna Vianoce znamenaju hlavne cas straveny s rodinou a blizkymi a troska oddych od tych kazdodennych povinnosti 🙂

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