Super Mario Christmas 2016: Naughty or Nice

Super Mario Christmas 2016: Naughty or Nice

SMG4’s Intro Where’s My SPAGHETII *Sexy Noises* (very christmasy music) not sure you have *rekt* *Helping in progress…* *ded* TOO HIGH thats not helping *super safety mode actvated* *sexy moves* the almighty potatoe that wasnt the type of nice santa was wanting ohhhhh sh***** *super construction in progress* the best house ever (not) are you sure thats a christmas tree *explosion* rip house failure *helping the world* *helping the world* *calm music* *bad music* *level 9001 music* Good job, you killed everyone i dont think so oh god no oh yes what the You obtained the coal rip mario 2k16 *party intensifies*

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  1. Hey SMG4! On October 31st, 2018. Feature Mitchell Myers and Crover Cochran in a Halloween video.

    The name is: Halloween 2018: A Night at Spooky Pumpkin Mansion
    Here are the scenes.

    Scene 1: Glitchy Intro and SMG4 Intro
    Scene 2:Mario, Luigi and MM54321 enter the mansion
    Scene 3: Crover Cochran introduces Mitchell Myers
    Scene 4: Mario, Luigi and MM54321 run
    Scene 5: Mario gets stabbed with a knife by Mitchell Myers
    Scene 6: Luigi and MM54321 cry
    Scene 7: MM54321 summons the rock wizard to heal Mario
    Scene 8: Mario is alive!
    Scene 9: 10 Takes of Mitchell Myers trying to murder Mario
    Scene 10 : Mitchell gets arrested for performing murder
    Scene 11: Outro


  2. I was playing minecaft on ps4 but I saw a man dress up as smg4 outside and put down the game and find this on YouTube 🙄😏

  3. Santa doesn’t exist want to know how I know this I beat up a kid one week before Christmas (he was bullying me so I didn’t beat up a innocent kid) but when Christmas came I got a ps4 myth busted

  4. whoever watches these older videos in 2019… watching this in 2016 and never rewatching it it seems the same but the newer ones are still higher quality

  5. 7:01
    mario:i guess my carols were…TOO LIT
    me:thats pretty PUNny but i have a SKELEton of puns BUTTy i guess the rest of your puns PASTAway

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