Supernatural Pizza Party with Misha Collins

I don’t think there’s judgement allowed
in the inventor’s pizza party is there? no, no I judge my children quite a bit hi I’m Keisha Hatchett, associate editor
for TV Guide and I’m Guillermo, senior video producer for Chowhound and we’re
here at the International Culinary Center with this guy! I’m Misha Collins and
I’m from Supernatural, and also from Planet Earth. Also cookbook author. oh yeah The Adventurous Eater’s Club. We were thinking that we
would make one of the items in the cookbook which is inventors pizza party
and this came about when we went to the store we got some pizza dough and the
kids were like oh I want to help and it turned into having eggs on it and
watermelon and all kinds of things and they devoured it like it was the best
thing ever what we were discussing just now is doing Castiel’s inventor’s pizza
so what my character from Supernatural would make well since you’re gonna do
Castiel I feel like we should pick one of the Winchester brothers and try to do
something based on those characters right I’m a Dean girl so I’m gonna I’m
so sorry that leaves you with Sam or and Sam
likes salad so I’m pretty comfortable doing something with salad getting kids
to eat greens that normally they wouldn’t that’s one of what you’re
trying to do here right yes we’re trying to stop picky eaters from being so picky
and to expose them to healthy food we’re donating all of our profits from this
cookbook to bringing access to healthy food to needy kids and families that’s
amazing so yeah we have some Joe we can portion it out I got some flour here so
we can dust it I love that the measure in your book is the size of a journal
there you go my kids always stretch it until it has
holes in it and then it leaks all over the pan I don’t think the best the best
idea but that’s their approach so what shape Sam do you want to stick
to the round thing and try to do a little nesting okay tap into em would do
something conventional like that yeah Ramona Castillo what do you think for
yes but I’m not there yet I have to show you I think Dean would just get
frustrated and not worry too much about the shape of it being would just be a
ball here’s Casas it’s a halo okay I’m doing
a marinara and a little bit of cheese as a base I’m gonna do burgers because
there was an episode in which a steel was voraciously hungry and couldn’t stop
eating ground beef and burgers point that he was on his hands and knees
eating ground beef out of a dog bowl kale I was actually a celebrity
spokesperson for the American kale council method two story that was about
five years ago as I said I was a fan of kale in an interview at comic-con one
day my cast mate Jenson hates pickles with a passion so I’m gonna put that on
there Kass became human very briefly I’m just
gonna do this don’t look when he was human peanut butter was his favorite
food and then when he became angel again he tried to eat it again and was
revolted by it EDA doesn’t even play yeah okay this is just like how my kids
go I’m gonna put some jelly because my made pasta with Jam sauce and this is so
the zone of my dishes in homage to my son well Dean has never met a meet he
didn’t like so I’m gonna add that and some bacon we were gonna do pie oh do
you like fennel apple yeah it was kind of like an apple pie cheese tasting work
while you do that I’m gonna have some greens here spinach baby arugula oh wait
we have tater tots come on bring on the cards bacon have you ever built a pizza
that’s so big that it doesn’t you can’t actually no but you’re getting there
this could be that one this is the challenge you ready yeah go
oh no tots down just needs a little fixing all right so these are gonna go
in the oven 10 to 15 minutes how’s your food on the set of Supernatural we have
a great caterer the Green Machine great variety of food day after day after day
any favorites that you guys have always glow okay I’m looking here at the tater
tots we have tex-mex Tuesday’s probably once a month there’s
always tater tots on the line on tex-mex days I didn’t really know when was
tex-mex but it’s delicious do you share recipes with other cast
members so I like canning I’ll bring little jars of jam and give
them out to the crew and Jared and Jensen always look at me like food
what’s wrong with you but I don’t let it this way boys yeah be honest okay thank
you I think we should cut yours first cuz it’s the one that actually looks
tasty maybe that’s part of learning it all right last fries try this little
salad pizza watch this one be the nut favor yeah it feels safe and familiar
yep late and there’s true comfort in that I’m gonna say something incredibly
controversial and you guys like I’m there with you yeah it’s so surprisingly
good well thank you guys that was super fun you know thank you thank you thank
you so much thank you is this awesome

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