Im just gonna send it Hello, internet. It’s me. Logan Paul Hi What the f***ing oh my Brendan, watch out Maverick IS HE GONNA—OH… OHHH Alright, so I was gonna open up apologizing for not having said what’s up to my boy MAVERICK in so long! But he decided to take over the vlog! What up, G? I know! Guys, I know we haven’t talked or even seen maverick in so long. Buddy, I know—you know I love you. Okay, yeah, give me kiss. That’s a good idea Hey! Its my fault. How could I forget about the most famous parrot on the internet. The bird who started it all. We started an entire brand after him I’m the Maverick. He’s like the og Maverick. For that, buddy, I’m sorry. Internet, I’m sorry Ayoo! Goodmorning, Logang! What’s poppin’? Okay. Holy s**t We’re about to send it. Alright. Look. CAN YOU JUST GIVE ME ONE SECOND? IM VLOGGING, PLEASE! IM SORRY! It’s okay, I love you. Guys, If you’re not a part of the logging make sure to subscribe. Just about dumb stuff. It’s what we do It’s entertainment. So, dab on the subscribe button Ok, this tree. I watched a vlog—my brother, he sent it So, we decorated this Maverick merch tree yesterday. You know it’s got the hottest merch in the game. And the pink hoodies and the neon hoodie y’all know where to get it Christmas is coming up. You know how it is. EASY BUT, I just haven’t urged to—ummm. Why don’t I just show ya? I’m 50% NOT cleaning this up It’s a giant tree. I don’t think you physically could. Bro, I don’t know if I’ll be able to send this. This tree was built with structual integrity I’m gonna put 911 on speed dial Woah, Woah, Whoah! What’s the worst that can happen? Let’s find out! He could die!? It’s fine. I’m putting on armor. It’s armor You’re invincible with Maverick on! This is the dumbest thing. Really? This is the dumbest thing? Dumber than all this? Yeah This is the dumbest thing. This is a terrible idea. I’d like that to be on record I know it is, Brenden. I’m just gonna send it OH S**T Oh! Still got the rolly on! Let’s go! I’m out here. I’m out here What’s the worst that can happen? Bro, I’m fine! Okay, so here’s something that happened when the tree was still up Oh, oh! We have a visitor! Suzzie! Hi This is neighbor, Suzzie! She’s a star! I have to tell you: It’s Hanukkah time and our family kids loved your merch Who doesn’t? You know how it is So, a gift bag. This is for all of you! WHAT? Suzzie, you got us a gift? Yeah! But I hope you don’t get too fat with all these My metabolism is spot on! This is going to last at least one hour! I think that when it’s empty, it’ll make a fantastic throne for Kong Suzzie, you’re a vlogger basically This is amazing So what do we got? Candy and stuff? We love you, Suzzie Suzzie, we don’t need that candy. You are sweet enough already Look at our tree So much tree—AHH It’s a nice tree. Right, Suzzie? Oh my god. You guys are cuckoo Yeah. That’s what we do Oh, you broke it? Susie those were already broken. You may remember from yesterday’s vlog Suzzie, it’s not personal. It’s just comedy She had a good idea This is like a nice box right here. It’s leather. It’s fancy. It’s not leather It’s not leather, bro I’m color blind Are you fabric blind? Shut the f**k up Look at this We need young doggie Young doggayy We got you a throne There you go Kong Nants Ingonyama Now it looks like he is in a casket No. Now it looks like he’s in a casket Rest in peace, doggayy Rest in piece, Kong. You lived a good life He’s not dead it was a practical joke This dog can’t die He’s a savageeee It’s true. My boy’s in the fact business BUT something else is happening right now, bro ANDAYYY as usual, Andy is cooking My boy got the eggies! My boy got the strawberries! AND HE’S MAKING PANCAKES And I ain’t talking about Pancake the turtle Don’t worry, buddy. We’re not going to eat you Woah, woah, woah. His head is more penisey than ever, today! But you guys see he looks like a pancake. So, it’s gonna be weird eating actual pancakes around pancakes Oh s**t Oh my god guys Andy’s the god! Not every god… wears his hat backwards We got your strawberries, your whipping cream, and your syrup Andy ANDAYYYYYYYYY Oh my gosh This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me Yo, can I eat some of this cheese? Yeah, whatever Mike—MIKE, THAT’S NOT CHEESE Butter My boy ate butter That’s a fact Fact business AH HO Whoah. I’m gonna go a different route and eat actual food. Just wait ’till you put that in your mouth! I’ve said that before. So, yo, I ate that one. I’m chowing on my pancake MMMMM I see my boy loving his throne Kong, he loves it He’s getting in by himself My boy loves his leather throne Good boy! Alright, buddy. We’ll see you later Hey, can you make a pancake for Brendan? I GOCHU, BABY BRENDAN, I MADE YOU ANOTHER PANCAKE Wait. Hold on. Pause. Stop. No. No, no, no, no. Stop, stop That’s pancake the turtle I just said I wasn’t going to east him and now we tried—yeah I know he looks exactly like a real pancake He blends into his natural habitat He looks confused! What if pancake eats a real pancake? Yo, you’re a canibal! We love you, pancake. MMMMWAAAA Oh, look, the merch tree is down Now we gotta tell Frank (the guy who bought the tree for us) Frank, I got bad news I don’t know what happened, but the tree, like, it fell over, dude What? The tree. Your tree What did you do about it? Why would you assume it’s me? The issue was that the merch was too heavy in it toppled BECAUSE ITS THE STRONGEST MERCH IN THE GAMEEEE Did you get it on camera, at least? The tree falling? Yeah, I think so We can get a another tree, but you cant get that footage Or can you? No, I think we can The good news is: Check this out Look it, dude! You have a car? Yeah. The Yeti’s right there We got rope. Right? And there’s a door! wow Right here! This s**t didn’t last one day! One, Two, Three Tree’s heavy as f**k No, we got it, we got it, we got it Thanks for your help, Lydia Did it really fall over or did it— No, the tree definitely fell over It was the last ornament Sometimes, it’s not about how hard you fall. It’s about how hard you pull it up, baby! Seems legit… Yeah So, this will be the first time we put the Yeti to some manuse Make sure that’s tied! Good advice, Anday Let me know if you want any help Yeah! That seems kinda legit! If this comes off, it’s either the door or it’s this I guess we got no choice but to send it YEE HAW, BABY! Let’s do this, baby! Alright, looks good so far KEEAAA! COME ON, BABY It’s actually working! BUY YOUR MERCHHHHH Oh, wow. Oh, no. That’s perfect. That’s great. Awesome So the succulents fell over but this one is the one that hurts me HUNNAYYYY Kids, you gotta be willing to pay for the consequences of your actions And today, it looks like I lost some grass NOOOOO NOT THE GRASS, DUDE COME ONNNN You guys are doing really good Come on, buddy! Come on, Mike. It’s gone Just give it up But anyway, we should probably get this tree out of the way I have an idea. It’s not my brand just send it once. Not even sent it twice. It’s like a send it three times kind of guy. I’m full of dumb ideas! Goodbye, my British friend, Hayden YAH YEET Goodbye, Mumauy I don’t know what I’m doing What did he just call me? I think he said morning I’m not a morning. I’m a savage I’m sorry Listen, Hayden. Los Angeles is not your city, bro England is your city. So go back and be British! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! It’s like sending your kids off to school, but more stupid Uh oh. Let’s do this! (“God save the T’s” by “Too Many T’s”) Okay, ya boy’s up Cop your merch Yo, Mike actually parked this in the perfect spot. All we gotta do is cut this here rope! Drag it into the grass! And worry about it later! Great! My house is a mess So festive! That was a home run, baby! Logang, if there is one thing I have learned from having my own house You gotta be willing to pay for the consequences of your actions Or in my case, pay people to pay for the consequences of your actions Which is what I’m gonna do tomorrow This is a mess, dude Lydia! Do you have a big broom? no why? Someone really made a mess No way! Somebody took our tree Who took our tree? What happened? It must have been… Frank That motherf**ker Frank I think I saw you guys do it OKAY, LYDIA LOGANG, THAT IS THE VLOG! Okay guys, I’m out here, Kongs out here, everyone’s out here Come here, young doggie. You guys, if you’re not a part of the Logang, make sure to subscribe! The strongest family on YouTube and we rep the strongest, hottest merch in the game: the Maverick Merch It’s so tough, you can ride Christmas trees to the ground. It’s so amazing, you’ll become invincible… just like me or link in description With that said, Logang, I love y’all and I’ll see you tomorrow. Take it easy fam. PEACE! WHY WOULD YOU STOPPP?!?!?


  1. Logan: Casually sledding on a tree

    Neighbors: looks out of window LIKE A REGULAR PERSON sees logan dismisses it like a u dismiss wind

  2. Bro the saddest thing ever Logan:Kong never dies he's a king 😔 like 2 years later Logan (2k19) : So kong is gone he got ate by coyotes… It's actually really sad!

  3. What a normal person do with a Christmas tree: decorate it and peacefully place it in a perfect spot in the house.
    What logan dies: drags it all over the street.

  4. When kong died they never got to use the “casket” rip Kong Da Savage you will be missed your borks will be remembered 😞😭

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