Surprise Birthday Party DISASTER!

Surprise Birthday Party DISASTER!

today is my 25th birthday birthday
Sabrina right now today we were celebrating Sabrina’s 25th
birthday I chose to give her a big birthday party because when she turned
21 she did not want one so it’s only right that she has a party as well because she didn’t want us to slip I
think I’ve said something to her and I’m running from her and she starts grabbing
me so I grab on to the door I’m in midair and she’s literally holding my
legs always got her rings off she’s probably born with rings Oh literally
I’ve done pranks on grandma where is she sleeping and people think
it’s fake because they’re like oh she still has her drawer yawn I’m like no my
grandma never takes it off she’s not feeling well that’s my buddy
ate it I met him since he was little and made my day and he spent a little bit of
time with me which made me feel good I’m gonna come friggin party with us turn up
it was like I mean these I could just fence the end up pump like some drugs
and here’s get you really high I was funny yesterday they gave me a free
treatment 4x Hey she’s a breathing treatment and she’s
literally smoking like I feel like she’s smoking it roll that clip this is so it helps her
breathing while she’s in surgery now she’s making a joke out of it for the
course difficult bad aspirin well it is so funny when my mom tries to stop
me and my sister from bickering or arguing or getting to like a little
small fight my mom always tries to stop it but she somehow ends up always
getting involved and gets herself hurt in the matter as a child and growing up
with my sister there was always some type of physical f*ght that was
happening between us she like literally just always wanted to hit me and I don’t
know why everybody beat them out I work my daughter had a bunch of her
girlfriends over and my mom sitting like this one kid assistant not gonna be mean
she’s not a girl had to go the room she’s like you’re so behind I drink so
much I steal millions cuz you’re gonna get kidney stones from drinking thanks
hey you should drink water oh well I didn’t know how to Guardian
kidney stone yep did I but I’m still drinking my eyes cheeks oh boo to you
Lynch I’m 74 years old I’m gonna do what I want when I want
I’m gonna drink what I want I’m gonna eat what I want and f*k everybody put your chest to the wall I literally
feel like my dad isn’t even my dad like he’s more so like a friend of mine we’re
always messing around we’re always bothering each other just
saying the dumbest things to each other we’re gonna do it really hard you’re getting your face on my eyes why
are you five years old oh wow make a wish I didn’t just got your back that bad I’m
sorry brother I guess you don’t need the plates Sabrina’s like a leech she kept on
follow me and attacking me and I know what to do five men Sabrina and Dave you guys are
such an odd couple look I love both of you
but you guys you guys work for each other though user literally polar
opposites Sabrina is so crazy and intense and Dave is so calm and content
I love how much she loves my sister I am so happy for you two you guys are gonna
be getting married pretty soon so that that is amazing just like national sobriety up everybody
dang we’re gonna push my dad enough for me in
my mom what are you doing I’m just hanging around the pool minding my own
business all sudden I see them all coming towards me attacking me you

100 thoughts on “Surprise Birthday Party DISASTER!

  1. This is straight fire!!! Aww badass Grandmom love you Gram! Feel better!!! Lance God bless you and your family for this! Please keep these vids coming

  2. "I decided to give her a 25th birthday party cause she didn't want one on her 21st"

    Apparently she didnt want one for her 22, 23, or 24 either?

  3. This is pretty cool if u leave it entertaining / yet pure like this .. if you start making some fake suspenseful stuff honesty might lose interest.. for example mcjuggernuggets psycho series everyone believed was real at first (great series) after that his content went to shit because everyone knew it was scripted and nothing is real with him…

  4. I love you guys! This channel is lit! Can’t wait to see what else y’all have in store! I am subscribed and notifications are on!

  5. Mark 3:09 reminds me of me and my twin but worst then this type of playing I always say when our mom passes we will fight like two Gods she says we will be fine but we will see later ??

  6. I love the Show!! Five Stars!! I subscribed and put notifications on!! It will always be on!! I love your channel and love you guys!! 210 Family Forever!! I wish Sabrina a Happy Birthday!! ❤?

  7. Sabrina is my all time fav family member for real?❤️ She is so fucking funny, I love her❤️ Happy Birthday Sabrina!?❤️

  8. I loved it I knew the reality show was coming eventually I kept saying it I really enjoyed it use keep it real and youse are very entertaining good luck and hopefully MTV or another channel pick youse up wouldn't that be great again good luck and keep them coming ?✌????

  9. You guys are SUCH a Jersey family!!! My family is from right outside of Atlantic City, and we act the same exact way ?

  10. I would love to see more!! It was amazing! Like my favorite people to see in a day but more pumped up!! And we get to see a little bit more of everyone

  11. Lance yuo and your family should actually make a real reality show because that was cool and I can say better then vlogs

  12. A reality tv show does involve clickbaiting. Be truthful to your fans, cuz you wouldn't be where you are without them.

  13. Love the way u did it I like the way u made it into a reality show! Yea there is things u could do better and ways to make it seem more like a show but to start off and doing it urself I think y’all did pretty dang good Lance so let’s make it happen start a season with a episode each week or maybe even 2 a week I’m behind this idea!!!

  14. yo wtf is this a birthday party or a UFC debute for this girl like its funny up to a point then its just stupid and really wishing someone just knocks her out.

  15. The video quality was a little off in some places, Come up with actual storylines, it still has the vlog feels. Instead of storytelling, film people acting out the actual story. (real or fake people of you no longer talk to them) Then you can do behind the scene “vlogs”!
    Your family definitely has the potential for a reality TV show but not enough Drama but that may be a good thing lol!

  16. omg, mama at the end of it… almost made me cry <3 amazing family….wish mine was exactly like this. Family i wish i had. I love you guys. And grandma…"fuck everybody" lmfao shes hilarious. <3 <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRINA!

  17. I hope your family had a lot of fun it looked like you guys did I wish I could have fun. Like that with my family but I can’t do at least it good to see that there is good time for other people that need it happy Bday

  18. I love your family and I know you guys are crazy lol BUT I do feel like you guys turned it up by 100% for the cameras and the video. I wanted to see more real I guess. But who knows maybe this is how you all act lol

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