Struggling Military Bar In Miramar – Bar Rescue, Season 4

In 2003,Sissy Xue moved to San Diego, Californiafrom Hong Kong,in pursuit of the American dream.Announcer: 10 years later, in 2013Sissy opened Filling Station Pubacross the street from Miramar’s Marine Corps air station.And it was an instant success,making an average of $60,000 per month.– Hello. – Hi, sweetie. For a little bit, it was definitely a […]

Santa Claus, Elves, Reindeer and the North Pole – All Your Questions Answered!

How do your reindeer fly if they don’t have wings? They have some red fairy dust in their in their food. Red fairy dust makes them fly! Hi. My name is Brandon. Today, I’m going to interview Santa Claus. Hi Santa. It’s nice to meet you. Hi Brandon. Nice to meet you. You’ve been a […]

How to Straight Bar Lace your shoes – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s video is about Straight Bar Lacing, so named because it forms a series of straight horizontal bars across the shoe. Although some people think it’s like the vertical bars of a prison cell, but, you can make up your own mind about that. It’s […]

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2019 🎃At Walt Disney World 🇺🇸

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m today at Walt Disney World’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Something different then the usual Disneyland Paris Halloween Party. I got my bag. Let’s start the night in a spooky way Boo to you! I’m excited. Tonight is finally my first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney […]

Barbell VS. Hex Bar Deadlift- Which Builds More Power & Strength? | SHOULD YOU SWITCH?

Hey, what’s up Nation? Today We’re going to be comparing the hex bar deadlift versus the barbell deadlift and if you missed my last video in the VS. Series where we compared the close grip bench press versus weighted dips I’ll put a link down to that video in the info section below Now aside […]

Rudolf Reindeer & Santa Claus – Construction Vehicle Truck in Funny Christmas

Hi Kids, Today Funny Clowns Bom will present you a play with Construction vehicles Truck and magic bricks. In this video for kids you will see, how clown Bom will help Santa and Rudolf Reindeer. Do not forget to subscribe under the video and like it Click on the picture to see other funny videos

Forward Together — Why Elizabeth May is Running as Green Party Leader

Failure is easily within our grasp. Success is more difficult. We’re facing really huge challenges, what do we do. The truth is that we’re facing human extinction and that’s not something people want to hear. So I grew up with a mother and a father who believed that if you thought something was wrong you […]