Black Friday PC Hardware Deals, Tesla Super Cars, Thanksgiving! — Weekly Download #71

Hey Welcome to Zach’s Tech Turf and Weekly Download episode number 71, which is my tech and PC gaming news series. First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there. If you’re watching this episode go live on Thanksgiving day just know that I’m incredibly thankful for you using your precious time to watch […]

Top 5 Laptop Deals of 2017 (Better prices than Black Friday!)

– [Instructor] What are your best back-to-school laptop deals plus how do you save on a MAC? I have you covered! Plus a little give-away’s comin’ right up. (upbeat electronic music) Hi I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. Welcome to your one-stop shop for the biggest deals on the planet. I hunt them down, […]

Black Friday Haul 2018 – The Deals I Found and The Deals You Can Haul Through Christmas 2018.

I can’t figure out why people need a damn new TV every Black Friday I mean how many damn TVs you need in your house I’m in the rooms you got you got a TV for the bathroom the closet the kitchen everywhere you go there’s a TV now we’re going to talk about how […]