Holiday Card Series 2016 – Day 22 – Easy DIY with Minimal Supplies

(festive music) – [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here, welcome to day 22 of the holiday card series for 2016. Today I’m going to be creating a card completely from scratch using inexpensive materials. So the watercolor paper I’m using today is Canson XL Watercolor Paper, you can find it at Walmart. I really recommend you […]

Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 – Background Panels!

hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and I’m back with my same but different Christmas card series and today we’re going to be using some background panels now I celebrated world card-making day with my friend Linda and she had this Concord &9th it’s one of the turn around turn around? turn around turn about stamp […]

Washi Tape Christmas Card | SPEEDY DELIVERY by Connie Stewart

Hello everybody its Connie with Simply Simple back with a speedy delivery card called washi tape Christmas. My stamp set today is the Peaceful Noel stamp set; that’s what our sentiments coming from. And then I’ve got the Suite Season Specialty Washi tape. We’ll use those 3 right there. I’ve got whisper white thick […]

Holiday Card Series 2017 – Day 14 – Watercolor Markers & Unmounted Stamps

– [Kristina] Before we get into today’s card video I wanna let you guys know that we are having a Black Friday sale over at This is the site where Jennifer McGuire and I teach online classes along with some amazing artists. And we are offering $5 off all classes including gift certificates through […]