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Merry christmas! everyone Dashing through the snow, In a one-horse open sleigh Over the fields we go, Laughing all the way Bells on bobtail ring making spirits bright What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight! Oh…Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way Oh! what fun it is to ride […]

The First Noel ♫🔔❄Popular Christmas Songs♫🔔❄Christmas Children Carols ♫🔔❄By Magicbox English Kids

The First Noel, The Angels did say Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay In fields where they lay keeping their sheep On a cold winter’s night that was so deep. Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel Born is the King of Israel! Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel Born is the King of Israel! They […]

❄ ♫ Away In Manger ♫ 🔔Famous Christmas Songs For Kids 🔔 Animated Christmas Carols For Children ♫🔔❄

Away in a manger No crib for his bed The little Lord Jesus Laid down his sweet head The stars in the bright sky Looked down where He lay The little Lord Jesus Asleep on the hay The cattle are lowing The poor Baby wakes But little Lord Jesus No crying he makes The cattle […]