Here Comes Santa Claus | Little Red Car Cartoons | Videos For Children by Super Kids Network

Look out! In the sky! Here comes Mr Santa Flying with his reindeer Sitting on his sleigh and laughing Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Hopping on the trim trees Up and down the chimneys Wishing all a Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho! He comes once every year to spread out gifts and Christmas cheer his […]

The Try Guys Break Into A House • Santa Spectacular: Part 2

– [Voiceover] Is that it? (cheerful Christmas-themed music) – So Santa, some people have some pretty advanced security on their homes. – Yes. – Have you ever run into trouble sneaking into someone’s house? – Never have. When Santa’s gonna deliver the presents, you can rest assured he’s gonna get ’em in the house no […]

Decorate With Us For Christmas // Whimsical Dr Seuss The Grinch inspired Tree // Christmas 2018

1-4 December Decorate with us Let’s put it on the floor Now you put it upside down We need to find number one Do you know what the number one looks like, Theo? It’s not yours! Do you know what the number one looks like? Let’s open number one. You see? There’s number one! Open […]