THE BEST SURPRISE!! 😮 Daily Bumps Christmas Morning Special 2018!!

(bells jingling) – [Santa] Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. (bells jingling) (gentle music) – [All] Good morning! – And merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas, Finn. – Oh, my goodness, hey. – Santa came. – Did he come, really? – Yes. – Did you hear something last night? – Yes. – You did? […]

Mystery Wheel Christmas Challenge! Girls vs Boys Christmas Tree Decorating!

Welcome to Kids Fun TV! [Cheering] Today it’s– Girls versus– Boys! Oh, the girls are gonna win. No. Boys are gonna win. Today we’re gonna see who can decorate the bestest Christmas tree. [Cheering] But the catch is, we have to spin the wheel and wherever it lands on, we get to decorate it on […]

DIY Pine cones Christmas tree (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #31

Hi. Today I will show you how to make Christmas tree made from pine cones. We need: …thick A3 paper… …double-sided adhesive tape… …pine cones… …glue gun… …scissors… …fake snow or white spray… …small ornaments… (beads, ribbon bows etc) …and glitter. First, make a cone from the paper. Glue it by using double-sided adhesive tape. […]

Huskies Help Decorate the Christmas Tree 2009 | Shiloh and Shelby

♪♪♪ – What is that Shelby? ♪♪♪ Look! Even Shiloh’s checking it out. What is that? ♪♪♪ What it it? ♪♪♪ What’s he doing with the outside, inside? ♪♪♪ Shelby’s never had a real Christmas tree… ♪♪♪ Shelby, what do you got? Shelby! Is that a piece of the Christmas tree? ♪♪♪ Are you trying […]

LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE – Norfolk Island Pine Tree – Living Xmas Tree Care Tips after Holidays

Norfolk Island pine trees are commonly used as a little houseplant Christmas trees that you can buy around this christmas holidays. Today we will look into the Care Tips on this plant and also after Christmas care. Coming up.. Welcome Back! If you are a hobby gardener or you have interest in growing plants in […]