Easy 3D Paper Stars (Kirigami) – Christmas Crafts, New Year’s Crafts & Party Decor Idea

Hello welcome to Red Ted Art First things first subscribe to the channel. We are going to make some paper stars today. Out of a 15cm x 15cm piece of Origami Paper. You can use ordinary paper for this but it works really well with Origami Paper. First thing is – you turn it around. […]

Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Santa Claus | Christmas Episode 22 “Past, Presents, and Future”

(scream) Whoa! Ouch. Santa! What are you doing here? Uh, I was checking out Victor and Monty for the naughty list and I, and I. There you are! Be careful, with that! Don’t touch any of the buttons. Uh, I have to save my friends, um. (laser beam sound) Uh oh, that is not what […]

Santa Claus Toys! | Best Gift Ever! | Santa, Santa Claus | Opening Presents

Santa, Santa Claus Santa, Santa Claus Whatcha going to bring for me? Santa, Santa Claus Santa, Santa Claus What’s the big surprise going to be? I can hardly wait, hardly wait to see What’s in the box or under the tree, what Wonderful, awesome, Magical thing What is it? What can it be? It’s a […]