Captain Donald | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

(BIRDS CHIRPING) DAISY: Yoo-hoo! Donald! What are you guys doing here? We came to see my captain in action. You always said you’d take us sailing some day. And today’s the perfect day. DONALD: But, but, but… (STUTTERING) Ha-ha. First Mate Mickey reporting for duty. Batten down the hatches! Set sail for adventure! Shiver me […]

HUGE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!! ❀️ First Secret Crush With Everleigh!! πŸ’•

we have a problem he wants everything her literally everything success dude let’s talk about and good morning we’re back at it like it we are packing again because we’re leaving again we’re gonna go out to the beach for a week this is the artist part about living out of suitcases is trying to […]