Secret Santa

[rustling can be heard from downstairs] [wondrous, festive music plays] [the little girl gasps] [so does he] Santa! (whispered) Heheh… Shh… No witnesses… [suppressed pistol fire] [her body collapses off screen] [super festive music] [gross, bone crunching and mechanical sounds]

Santa Claus Spoof – Santa Sleepover – Christmas Commercial Parody : Sketch Comedy // GEM Sisters

this sleepover is so boring. sounds like you need Santa over. Santa? Balloon Fight! With Santa coming over the fun lasts so so long Do fun challenges with Santa. Gossip with Santa. Well you didn’t hear it from me, but Emma is on the naughty list. And that new hair of hers is so not […]

‘SNL’ Rewind: Jason Momoa Hosts, Plays Khal Drogo and Santa Claus | THR News

“There’s something in my closet…” “Yeah bud, uh, that’s just the cheap steel dad uses to build his towers.” Robert De Niro made an appearance on the latest SNL, portraying Robert Mueller who had come to lurk in the closet of a tortured Eric Trump (played by Alex Moffat.) Moffat’s Eric was scared to go […]

Tony Barbieri Pranks a Tailor as Niles & Natasha Leggero Calls an Event Space – Crank Yankers

♪ ♪[line trilling]– Hello, [bleep] [bleep]. How can I help?– Hello, [bleep].This is Niles Standish calling. I’m going to be a shopping center Santa Claus, and I need some alterations on a suit. Would that be something you could handle? – Should be, yeah. – Now I’ve just moved into town. I’ve left all my […]

The ‘Golden Girls’ When Santa Held Them Hostage At Gunpoint

(gentle music) – [Narrator] Blanche checks for roomies. Coast is clear to bang Santa. Blanche a freak! Dorothy’s complainalouging to Rose that Christmas is too commercial, but gets interrupted by a bearded Blanche. Santa is a freak, too. Blanche picked up this random at the mall, and brought him home on his break to deck […]

Santa Claus Stand-Up Comedy in NJ – Christmas Comedy for Adults Only

– I have a very, very special guest for you now. We have his first time as a comedian ever (Christmas music starts) from the North Pole, ladies and gentlemen, Chris Kringle. (audience applause and cheering) – Ho ho ho ho. Merry, oh fuck, Merry Christmas everyone. How’s everybody doing tonight? (audience applause) You’re all […]