Mariah Carey Announces Holiday Tour Celebrating Iconic ‘Merry Christmas’ Album | Billboard News

All we want for Christmas is Mariah Carey music, and it looks like that’s happening. On Monday, the superstar announced a 5-city holiday tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her iconic album ‘Merry Christmas.’ So, on top of her November “All I Want For Christmas Is You” residency at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Mariah […]

How to Make The Boulevardier ’The Famous Harry’s Bar Cocktail’ | Behind The Bar

– So, the Boulevardier cocktail is bourbon,sweet vermouth, and Campari.You’re getting a kick because it’s two ounces of whiskey.It’s just a really interesting take on a cocktail.So, the Boulevardier is believed to be tradedby Harry MacElhone at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris,probably around 1923.This is where a lot of famous Americans would hang out.You […]

Camila Cabello Stayed Warm on New Year’s Eve with Heat Warmers ‘Down There’

We’re back with Camila Cabello. And so you’re finally here. It’s the iconic couch. I’m so excited. You’re here. You have water. It’s the water. It’s everything. Yeah. Hey, this song is so good. I love this song so much. And it’s actually one of President Obama’s favorite songs. It’s insane. I cried when I […]