5 WINTER Fashion DIY For NEW YEAR | #Teenagers #Party #Styling #Anaysa #DIYQueen

wow..new sweater new sweater!!! nice sweater Wow…again new sweater she repeated last year’s sweater what happened to you? we don’t have much salary…so that we buy new sweater every year I’ve seen this sweater in Zara what’s your salary..wear branded sweater every next day he pay me that much salary as much as he has […]

Shimmer and Shine | Teenie Genies Birthday Party Magic & Fun | Nickelodeon Parents (AD)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey. Come on. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GIGGLING] Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] Whoa. [MUSIC PLAYING] Come on, guys. It’s cake time. Hide. Bring More sparkle to your preschoolers birthday party with Shimmer and Shine. For birthday party ideas and more, go to nickelodeonparents.com. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Slime Sam Turns a Boring Drawing into TOOTHY PARTY FAVORS – Fun Idea For UNDER THE SEA THEME PARTY

Yahoooo! This disco ball inspires me to throw even more parties! Hey guys, do you remember that video where we made this disco ball? Give a thumbs up if you do! To make it extra awesome, I need to throw a theme party! Hmm…A monster party? No. A space-themed party? It’s cool, but not this […]