Jessica Breaks All Her Parts ~ Annie LeBlanc’s 13th Birthday Party!

♪ I just wanna dance ♪ ♪ I just wanna da-da-dance, dance ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ It’s Vlogmas ♪ ♪ And it’s time to celebrate ♪ – Alright, so here’s what’s gonna happen I’m gonna go, uph, and it’s done. (cheery music) – [Jessica] You’ve got this baby – [Evelyn] You got it! – [Blonde […]

Invitacion de Mickey mouse (DIY) | Party pop!🎉 | Tarjeta mickey mouse

Hello hello everybody and welcome to PARTYPOP DIY I´m Solange Today we are going to make a super nice and cute DIY party invitation with an especial classic and funny caracter yes, It´s Mickey Mouse like you can see, this is the Party invitation and you can find the information of the party on the […]

VICTON 1st Anniversary and 100th Video Celebration! | Best of VICTON crack [CC for ENG Sub]

Subin! Subin, you made me lose! You’re going to get a Korean beating! The beating performance has begun Sejun hyung just can’t play games well I have something to say During a Vlive, hyung had a late night snack when he was supposed to be on a diet How many late night snacks have you […]

Birthday Party Gone Wrong! -in- “Cake It Or Break It” Pencilmation Cartoons

Hey … AHHH!!! here is how it all happened… (sketches with pencil) With a delicious cake and a light up candle. Lucky he didnt drown!! Yo relax Uhhh… I told you and that is how it all happened *sob sob* There you go!! Huh? Ahh! Guh! *table scrapes against floor* Oh? Oh No… and that […]