Spotโ€™s Birthday Party Storybook Story time Read Aloud Book

Spot’s Birthday Party It’s Spot’s birthday! Let’s play hide and seek. One..two..three.. Ready or not, here comes Spot! Not yet! Spot has found someone behind the curtain… That was quick! …and someone in the cupboard. Oh hiss! Come out, Spot can see you! Isn’t this fun? Somebody giggled. Look under the coat! She tickled me! […]

YURI’S 5TH SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Vlog ep. 101 ft. Messages from the world

I like my mom’s smell. I remember when I was young you know comparing these two experiences with my mom and with my mother-in-law Too spicy? there’s something that we didn’t really tell you about her visits We are waiting for Yuri and daddy to come. What surprise do you have? You big enough? / […]