Captain Donald | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

(BIRDS CHIRPING) DAISY: Yoo-hoo! Donald! What are you guys doing here? We came to see my captain in action. You always said you’d take us sailing some day. And today’s the perfect day. DONALD: But, but, but… (STUTTERING) Ha-ha. First Mate Mickey reporting for duty. Batten down the hatches! Set sail for adventure! Shiver me […]

Disneyโ€™s Not So Spooky Spectacular FULL SHOW at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party [4K]

Due to this being a new show, and due to crowd noise levels, the subtitles are presented as they are heard. If necessary, changes will be made when needed. Narrator: The story that you are about to be told. Narrator: Is one for both the young and the old. Narrator: Unlike anything you have ever […]

โ™ฅ LEGO Mickey Mouse Clubhouse SCARY CAMPFIRE STORIES (Episode 4)

Mickey, have you packed your things? Not yet, Minnie! But don’t worry I’ll be ready soon. Bye, bye Minnie! See you tomorrow! Have a nice time! Get inside already! Pluto, don’t touch the food! O, boy! O, boy! O, what a wonderful place! They still haven’t come, so I should pick some branches for fire […]

Surf’s Up, Mickey! ๐Ÿ„โ€โ™‚๏ธ | Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dog Tales | Disney Junior

[barking] Hot dog! Isn’t the beach awesome? [barking] [seals barking] [Mickey] Wow! Pluto, how about we learn to surf? -Together! -Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! [laughs] Surf’s up! [both barking] [grunting] Ooh! Yah! Huh. Boy, water sure is wobbly. [both barking] [fanfare] Ah! So that’s how you stand up! You crouch down low, up with your tush. […]