Slime Sam Turns a Boring Drawing into TOOTHY PARTY FAVORS – Fun Idea For UNDER THE SEA THEME PARTY

Yahoooo! This disco ball inspires me to throw even more parties! Hey guys, do you remember that video where we made this disco ball? Give a thumbs up if you do! To make it extra awesome, I need to throw a theme party! Hmm…A monster party? No. A space-themed party? It’s cool, but not this […]

Cocoa POD to CHOCOLATE Bar – How to Make A DIY Bean-to-Chocolate Bar at Home

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today I’m going to be making a bar of chocolate, but I’m going to be making this bar of chocolate from the cacao pod — the original cocoa beans that come in the pod. Now if you’ve missed my Fruity Fruits episode where I open the cocoa […]

Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean | Episode 9 | Mr. Bean Official

(DOG BARKING) (CHOIR SINGING) (TICKING) (SHIVERS) Look! (MUTTERING EXCITEDLY) Ah! (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) (DOORBELL RINGING) -Hello. -Oh! Come in. -Rupert. -Bean. – Hubert -Bean. Come in. Take your whatsits off. -Rupert, you’re sitting here. -Thank you. And here’s your party hat. Hubert, if you’d like to come here. You’re sitting there. And there’s your party […]

Cupcakes navideños Envoltura para cupcakes más topper de Santa Claus Papá Noel

Santa Claus cupcake box + topper Download the silhouettes / templates for FREE! Link in the description box Print the image on one sheet of paper or cardboard Crop the body and topper images of Santa Claus / Santa Claus cupcakes Close the box and secure it with adhesive tape The box is ready, cover […]