It’s a Birthday Party! Laser Tag and Arcade Games! Vlog |

– What’s up guys? Welcome to another vlog here on Clintus.TV. We’re out of the house, we’re heading over to Uptown Alley for little Max’s birthday party. How old is he now, guys? – Eight. – Eight. – Eight years old. I can’t believe it. He was a little baby in diapers the first time. […]

Santa Claus Spoof – Santa Sleepover – Christmas Commercial Parody : Sketch Comedy // GEM Sisters

this sleepover is so boring. sounds like you need Santa over. Santa? Balloon Fight! With Santa coming over the fun lasts so so long Do fun challenges with Santa. Gossip with Santa. Well you didn’t hear it from me, but Emma is on the naughty list. And that new hair of hers is so not […]