Galactic Santa Claus, Gamescom News, And Kommander K Rool! | The Scoop

GOOSE I mean, the scoop jacket is great and all but what about a scoop cape? It’s more..swishy y’know… No? Alright then. Ok, it’s time for The Scoop! First up, Real Madrid’s official IRL club store is apparently selling Alex Hunter jerseys. Fictional player Alex Hunter is the star character in FIFA’s single-player campaign, The […]

The Grinch vs Santa Claus! Snowball Showdown! Ninja Style!

[Guitar music] [Children gasping] What is with the Grinch and him TPing our Christmas tree? Let’s sneak up on him. Let’s give him a taste of his own medicine. Ready? Three, two, one! Ahhhh! What? That’s impossible! How did you escape? Ahhhh! [The Grinch giggles] Oh shoot! We’re out of snowballs! What should we do? […]