7 Times the ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Cast Got Kicked Out Of Bars 🍺 | MTV Ranked

– [Candace] I don’t even think Kortni knew who she was fighting but Kortni decide, who we hitting, and just swing. (people yelling) – I’ll (bleep) you up, bitch! I will (bleep) you up! (bleep), bitch! Yeah, run this way, hoe, I will knock you out! (man yelling) – [Aimee] Hey, we might get in […]

YURI’S 5TH SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Vlog ep. 101 ft. Messages from the world

I like my mom’s smell. I remember when I was young you know comparing these two experiences with my mom and with my mother-in-law Too spicy? there’s something that we didn’t really tell you about her visits We are waiting for Yuri and daddy to come. What surprise do you have? You big enough? / […]

Kids meet SANTA CLAUS | #Christmas #Gifts #Play #FrozenII #Surprise #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

It’s Santa Holiday Christmas Holiday Christmas Holiday -then go and finish your homework I will just wait for Santa Santa?? Yes they do exists Bua Let’s go dora whole night I will for Santa Bua Dora is waiting for Santa Even she has promised Anaya That Santa will come I am going to sleep…Santa won’t […]