Birthday Party Gone Wrong! -in- “Cake It Or Break It” Pencilmation Cartoons

Hey … AHHH!!! here is how it all happened… (sketches with pencil) With a delicious cake and a light up candle. Lucky he didnt drown!! Yo relax Uhhh… I told you and that is how it all happened *sob sob* There you go!! Huh? Ahh! Guh! *table scrapes against floor* Oh? Oh No… and that […]

Jessica & Rachel Ballinger’s Birthday Party of Dreams!

– [Family] Happy Birthday now, it is so your birthday! (upbeat music) – Good morning, everyone! Today we are at Colleen’s house because she is throwing a birthday party for Jessica and Rachel. Rachel’s my sister, Colleen’s my sister, Jessica’s my wife, hopefully you already knew that. Anyway, this should be a lot of fun. […]