Welcome to Melania’s Xmas Song – A Comedy Parody by Deven Green

What’s your favourite Xmas song? It from Slovenia called “OH SHIT!”Scat. Uh mine’s probably Jingle Bells. (Sarah H.S.) I hate big butts ….. and I cannot lie. (To self yet outloud) I wonder to everyone. Where are my fucken cue cards? Maybe I look under cape. Maybe I double-double look eye over here. Perhaps over […]

수상한 메신저 Xmas DLC 녹음현장 Mystic Messenger Xmas DLC Voice Acting Scene

Hello? What is wrong? Saying that he loves her half as much as Elizabeth 3rd means he loves her too much People think Christmas Eve is an important day but.. for me it is just another day… what did you say? You don’t need to be nervous until you sign the contract. Shall we record […]

ASMR 咀嚼音 Mochaccino Ice Cream Yule Log アイスクリーム・ユールログ 冰淇淋樹幹蛋糕 아이스크림성탄절로그 Bûche glacée *EATING SOUND*

hi guys ! welcome to my channel today i’m eating Mochaccino Ice Cream Yule Log please enjoy with me thanks for watching see you on next video bye Please like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Thank You🤗

Preston Schlueter Sings “The Way You Look Tonight” – Jazz Concert Showcase (10 Year Anniversary)

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! For those of our viewers who have wanted to hear me sing some jazz, today is your lucky day. Today’s video ties into our 10-year anniversary celebration of the Gentleman’s Gazette! You can find the previous video we filmed where we answered your frequently asked questions here and stay […]