Learn the Top 10 Japanese New Year’s Resolutions

Want to speak real Japanese from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at JapanesePod101.com. 皆さんこんにちは。(Mina-san konnichiwa.) This is Risa. Welcome to Japanese Top Words. Today’s theme is Ten New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s go. お金を貯める(o-kane o tameru) Save money. Money! Money! 海外に行くためにお金を貯める。 (Kaigai ni iku tame ni o-kane o tameru.) あんまり東京でお金を貯めるのは難しいです。 (Anmari […]

New Year’s Eve Party Story w/ Shimmer and Shine, Blaze, PAW Patrol & Top Wing | Nick Jr.

Hi, my name is Sophia, I’m five years old and this is my story. So, it was new years eve and Shimmer and Shine, Blaze, Marshall and Swift wanted to stay up super, super, super late for the fireworks. Shimmer had a list of things they could do so they wouldn’t get sleepy but some […]