Mystery Wheel Christmas Challenge! Girls vs Boys Christmas Tree Decorating!

Welcome to Kids Fun TV! [Cheering] Today it’s– Girls versus– Boys! Oh, the girls are gonna win. No. Boys are gonna win. Today we’re gonna see who can decorate the bestest Christmas tree. [Cheering] But the catch is, we have to spin the wheel and wherever it lands on, we get to decorate it on […]

Repaint! Christmas Lolita Reindeer Yuliya Custom Doll OOAK

*swanky intro music* Anyoung! Welcome to Dollightful! In light of the holiday season, Myself and a couple other doll youtubers have collaborated to bring you four festive custom doll videos to watch So be sure to stick around for more about that I’ll be creating a cute Lolita fashion inspired Christmas reindeer girl. Let’s get […]

Chocolate Christmas Tree PINATA! No Bake Xmas Dessert Recipe By Cupcake Addiction

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Christmas Tree Piñata Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this awesome Christmas tree piñata, perfect because you can make it up to a week in advance so you don’t have any extra work to do on Christmas day. Tools and equipment that we will be using […]