Showing Santa Claus ‘THE VOICE’ for the FIRST TIME! | Special #1

Hi Santa! Oh, hi there! Welcome to The Voice Headquarters. Do you have any idea why you’re here today? Well, actually not. So today we’re going to show you a few clips… …of a popular television show called ‘The Voice’. Oh that sounds exciting! I’m ready to go. Here we go. What’s this? It’s a […]

Santa Claus Spoof – Santa Sleepover – Christmas Commercial Parody : Sketch Comedy // GEM Sisters

this sleepover is so boring. sounds like you need Santa over. Santa? Balloon Fight! With Santa coming over the fun lasts so so long Do fun challenges with Santa. Gossip with Santa. Well you didn’t hear it from me, but Emma is on the naughty list. And that new hair of hers is so not […]

Mrs. Claus and Santa are cleared to be in Canadian airspace!

Hi Santa! It’s always a great pleasure to receive your call. I just want to know are you ready to go over our pre-flight checklist together? Hi, Minister Garneau…this is actually Mrs. Claus calling…. Oh, hi Mrs. Claus…Is Santa all right? Oh, yes, dear Santa – he’s fine. He’s out with the elves packing the […]