Блиндажная рубка 2020: Санта против Деда Мороза Bunker battle: Santa vs Father Frost ENG SUBs

Hello everybody! Hello everybody! Hello everybody! Hello everybody! It’s “Lunnyi Landshaft” today is pre-New Year ride So happy New Year! Today also we have a plan for small cultural program So we need to work fast Today we gonna dig Father Frost’s blindage and St.Claus’ blindage and to drink vodka someone no no no Dimka […]


Hello, I’m NAMDDOL. Today’s food was prepared. Chocolate cookies and desserts. I’ve prepared an Americano for the drink. Before you watch the video, Your subscription is good. Please. I’ll try it. (The Choco Pie was frozen in the freezer in advance.) (I think it’s better to eat because it’s frozen.) (It’s chocolate with chocolate inside.) […]

Inviting to a Wedding Anniversary Party – English Conversation Lesson

Welcome to twominuteenglish.com. Teaching you English through two-minute lessons. In this lesson, we will learn how to invite friends and relatives to a wedding anniversary. Hi Susanne! How are you? I am fine. What about you? I am great! Peter and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary next week. Oh great! Congratulations in advance! Thank […]

191204 [ENG SUB] EXO Radio after party ? 엑소 라디오 뒷풀이?Vlive Workman 워크맨

– It’s on. – Is it on? – It is. Hi, everyone. It’s been a long time since we did V LIVE last time. Hi. Wow, the viewer count is going up fast. – It’s no joke. – It’s so fast. Wow! Many people watch V LIVE. We’ve got 15,000 in 16 seconds. 20 seconds. […]