Butterbean’s Cafe Birthday Pizza Party & Smoothie Mix Off! 🍕 | Nick Jr.

I think Cricket’s a little worried. Each party guest wants different toppings on their pizza. So she’s got to figure out some way that will let everyone get what they want. Order… In. And spinach over there. – Mmm, that looks good. – Hey. What you drawing? The pizza. I’m hungry. Me too. Maybe drawing […]

Jessica & Rachel Ballinger’s Birthday Party of Dreams!

– [Family] Happy Birthday now, it is so your birthday! (upbeat music) – Good morning, everyone! Today we are at Colleen’s house because she is throwing a birthday party for Jessica and Rachel. Rachel’s my sister, Colleen’s my sister, Jessica’s my wife, hopefully you already knew that. Anyway, this should be a lot of fun. […]

MICKEY & MINNIE MARSHMALLOW POPS – a cupcakesncardio and charliscraftykitchen collaboration – disney

– Welcome to Charli’s Crafty Kitchen, where you can eat what you make. – G’day. Welcome to Charli’s Crafty Kitchen. Today we’re baking with Jenn from Cupcakes n Cardio. – Hi, guys. – Can you tell us a little bit about your YouTube channel, Jenn? – For sure. Over on Cupcakes n Cardio, you can […]