How to Set up an Artificial Christmas Tree : How to Shape an Artificial Christmas Tree

Ho! Ho! Ho! I’m Matt Cail, and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you today how to set up and decorate an artificial Christmas tree. Right now, our artificial Christmas tree looks, shall we say, anorexic. So we need to work on that by shaping the branches. A lot of these actual […]

The Great Gildersleeve: Christmas Shopping / Gildy Accused of Loafing / Christmas Stray Puppy

purple company present herald perry had a great deal directly obliterated uh… hah for everybody loves melaleuca marketer teams we have a piece of great news it’s about craft natural charter carl k bram k branded for folks who really got a thrill out of superb quality chatterjee remember the name k brand natural gender […]

Million Dollars, But… Theme Pack: Holiday – 12 Crimes of Christmas | Rooster Teeth

G: Hello, welcome to a special holiday edition of Million Dollars But. Here we have Blaine and Barbs and myself Blaine. It’s Christmas. You have pecs. *Barbara’s laughter* Why don’t you go first? Blaine: Okay- Blaine: You get a million dollars, but, for the 12 days leading up to Christmas You have to commit 12 […]

How to String Lights on a Christmas Tree : Supplies for Putting Lights on a Christmas Tree

Hello my name is Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert Village I’m going to show you today how to hang Christmas tree lights. So let’s go everything we are going to need to be able to string Christmas lights up today. The first thing most obviously is a tree. Well this may seem insanely […]