FRIDAY | Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Celebration | LIVESTREAM COMPILATION

hey guys we just arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood we are getting ready for their Jurassic Park 25th… 25th years anniversary, so stay tuned for more things Hello and welcome to Jurassic Park! we are here for the 25th Anniversary Celebration we’re having so many cool things to look at look at that, there’s the […]

BTS Release ‘Mic Drop’ Dance Tutorial Video as Part of ‘Festa’ Celebration | Billboard News

(“MIC Drop” by BTS) – Man, the fellas of BTS are just too good to us. They just dropped a new how-to dance tutorial as part of their ongoing Festa celebration. The video shows a dance practice featuring all seven members dancing to “MIC Drop”, the group’s worldwide hit, which peaked at number 28 on […]

NATURAL WINE PARTY 2019 & Xutos e Pontapés | Herdade da Malhadinha Nova | Alentejo #115

[Music] welcome Algarve welcome world wait I’m not in the Algarve today I’m in non-integer in there that of my lady Nova as you can see and we were invited for an amazing party that will be here this afternoon and tonight and one of the best bands from Portugal one of my favorites will […]