VCAM(브이캠) EP.38_BaRon&Ayno Joint Birthday Party

VAV who is rehearsal for BaRon & Ayno Joint Birthday Party VAV正在为BaRon和Ayno的生日派对做彩排 Jacob – I want to listen to CPR! 我要听CPR! BaRon – Why am I feeling nervous for my birthday party…?! 这只是我的生日派对, 为什么我却感到紧张呢…?! Ace – We are here celebrating BaRon and Ayno’s birthday! 今天是BaRon和Ayno的生日派对, 祝他们生日快乐! I will treat BaRon expensive and delicious meal as […]

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2019 🎃At Walt Disney World 🇺🇸

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m today at Walt Disney World’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Something different then the usual Disneyland Paris Halloween Party. I got my bag. Let’s start the night in a spooky way Boo to you! I’m excited. Tonight is finally my first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney […]