Bolsas de papel para tus Snacks en 2 pasos 😱 !Muy facil de hacer!πŸ˜‰ | Party pop!πŸŽ‰ |

Hello hello Party people! How are you? Today we are going to do these practical paper bags and also are really easy to do these paper bags serve to put your snacks when you have some parties and maybe some meetings so let´s see what we need to make these paper bags we are going […]

3D Paper Christmas Tree : How to Make a DIY Paper Christmas Tree | X-mas Tree Decorations

How to Make Easy 3D Paper Christmas Tree This Christmas tree is made with paper and gives appearance of three dimensional tree. Things you Need… Color Papers, Scissors, Pencil, Divider, Ruler, Craft Glue, Decorative stones, Glitter Take 2 color paper shades: Light and dark green Take the light green color and draw the outer circle […]

Dogs Opening Christmas Presents – Santa Paws Came! Oakley Puppys First Christmas

(Huskies howling) “Aroooooo!” (voice of Jessica) – What happened? What’s all that? What happened? Did Santa Paws came? Did Santa Paws came to bring a bunch of presents? Look! Shiloh’s like, “Alright! Give me this!” (voice of Jamie) – Is that yours? (voice of Jessica) – That’s a big present for Shiloh Maybe, we should […]