Pajama Party Campout Scene

(MELLOW THEME PLAYING) MICKEY: Jolly jams. Our pajama party turned into a…..(YAWNS)……..pajama party campout. MINNIE: And now it’s time to sleep, everybody. (YAWNS) MICKEY: Good night. PLUTO: (BARKS) MINNIE: Sleep tight. DAISY: Sweet dreams. GOOFY: Don’t let the Silly Gilly Gumble bite! (CHUCKLES) DONALD: Ah, sweet repose. WILLIE: (YAWNS) Nighty-night, everybody. (ALL SNORING)

3 Holiday Décor Tips From A Professional Party Planner | Presented by JCPenney

(cheerful holiday music) – I’m Seri Kertzner, the chief party officer at Little Miss Party in New York City. I’ve been party planning for over 10 years and my favorite thing about holiday entertaining is adding new sparks of life into old, classic traditions. I always create a decorative focal point that embodies the theme […]