Eva Longoria’s Son’s First Birthday Party Will Have More Guests Than Her Wedding

-You know, obviously, nothing is appropriate to a 10-month-old. But your work, “Grand Hotel,” I feel like a kid has got be pretty old to appreciate that. “Desperate Housewives,” I think you got to be 25. -[ Laughs ] I know. I know. I always got surprised when I had 8-year-old fans from “Housewives.” I […]

Children’s Birthday Party Games : How to Use Straws to Create Buildings or Bridges at a Kid’s Party

Hello, my name is Nicole Valentine and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk to you about how to coordinate birthday games for a birthday party. Now we’re going to talk about group competition games. These make the party worth while. For example; if you have let’s say about 14 party guest, you […]

Birthday Party Surprise for Toys Slimes Cake Steals Paw Patrol Toys Ellie Sparkles

-Hi everyone, this is Ellie Sparkles! We have 3 babies in the cribs today! Here is baby Romeo, baby Owlette, and baby Catboy! Today is a big day for baby Catboy! It’s baby Catboy’s birthday! Hooray! Happy birthday Catboy! We got some awesome birthday presents for you, so be a good baby and we’ll open […]