Epic Slumber Party and Sleep Over Ideas for Teen Girls | Brooklyn and Bailey

*Music* *Wohoooo* And today we’re gonna let y’all follow us around at the best sleepover ever! Because we’re hosting a sleepover for our friends, and y’all know that we are partnered with Beddy’s. We’re kinda doing a Princess Diaries-type sleepover. Cause you guys know in her sleepover she like had her friends bring mattresses and […]

DIY New Year’s: Empress Star Crown | ALB in Winterland | CBC Life

It’s party time I’m ALB and today we are making this amazing Empress star crown So here’s what you’ll need to make these headbands First of all you’re gonna need a bunch of cardboard then you’re gonna need wire some like tinsely garlandy stuff Some wire cutters and wire benders Scissors You need your headband. […]