SUPERHERO BIRTHDAY PARTY SPECIAL! 💥 Finn’s 2nd Birthday Party (w/ Super Surprise Guests!!)

(happy music) – Okay you guys the party has begun and all the kids are having a blast but I just got this really weird text message from my buddy Batman, he said he was gonna come by and bring a couple of friends. Oh look. Oh look. There his invisible jet. – [Mom] Oh […]

Jingle Bells | Christmas Songs For Kids | Xmas Rhyme | Christmas Carols | Lagu Anak anak

Dashing through the snow In a one-horse open sleigh Over the fields, we go Laughing all the way (Ha ha ha) Bells on bobtail ring Making spirits bright What fun it is to ride and sing A sleighing song tonight! Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Oh! what fun it is to […]