Pajama Party Campout Scene

(MELLOW THEME PLAYING) MICKEY: Jolly jams. Our pajama party turned into a…..(YAWNS)……..pajama party campout. MINNIE: And now it’s time to sleep, everybody. (YAWNS) MICKEY: Good night. PLUTO: (BARKS) MINNIE: Sleep tight. DAISY: Sweet dreams. GOOFY: Don’t let the Silly Gilly Gumble bite! (CHUCKLES) DONALD: Ah, sweet repose. WILLIE: (YAWNS) Nighty-night, everybody. (ALL SNORING)

FROZEN PRINCESS PARTY HATS Disney movie – surprise inside – piñata Elsa or Anna treat – how to

– Welcome to Charli’s Crafty Kitchen, where you can eat what you make. – G’day, and welcome to Charli’s Crafty Kitchen. Today we’re making Frozen princess hats! – Me too. – Today our ingredients are some waffle cones that are flat on top and some cookies. Ashlee: We’ve also got some blue lollies and some […]

FRIDAY | Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Celebration | LIVESTREAM COMPILATION

hey guys we just arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood we are getting ready for their Jurassic Park 25th… 25th years anniversary, so stay tuned for more things Hello and welcome to Jurassic Park! we are here for the 25th Anniversary Celebration we’re having so many cool things to look at look at that, there’s the […]