Forward Together — Why Elizabeth May is Running as Green Party Leader

Failure is easily within our grasp. Success is more difficult. We’re facing really huge challenges, what do we do. The truth is that we’re facing human extinction and that’s not something people want to hear. So I grew up with a mother and a father who believed that if you thought something was wrong you […]

Learn to Draw: ‘Pie-Eyed’ Mickey Mouse Wraps Special Art Series

– Hey, there, everyone. I’m Stephen, I’m one of the artists here at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort in Florida. Every day of the week, you can find me or another Walt Disney World artist in the Art of Animation Resort lobby, teaching guests how to draw their favorite Disney characters. Today’s how-to-draw video class […]

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Spirit – 50th Anniversary of Philadelphia Insurance Companies

you’ve got to be competitive in your business life and you’ve got to be cooperative with the team players team comes first well energy begets energy and if you apply that energetic personal philosophy to business there’s a huge opportunity to take your personal lifestyle and transform it into a business situation we typically want […]

Moon Struck! Celebrating Apollo’s 50th Anniversary (Live Public Talk)

>>Narrator: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory presents the von Karman lecture, a series of talks by scientists and engineers who are exploring our planet, our solar system, and all that lies beyond. [relaxing music] [applause]>>Well hello and welcome to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California on a very hot afternoon here in Pasadena for our […]