what’s going on guys and welcome back to timer at baldies basics but this is the birthday challenge for the game it just came out yesterday and it’s I guess like a little challenges to celebrate the birthday of all these basics the original game and I’m pretty excited if you guys remember we play […]

Annie & Hayley EXPLODE WATERMELONS w/ RUBBER BANDS! 🍉 | Pool Party – Ep. 3 | Nick

– Oh, my God, it’s leaking! – Run! Last time on Annie VS Hayley, the girls were getting ready for the Ultimate Summer Pool Party and they had to fill up 100 water balloons with just a hose. The girls had to pop balloons full of slime and Annie found a prize that helped her […]

Make a Broken Bars Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Hi, it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Take a look at this great quilt behind me. Isn’t this awesome? I just love it. This pattern is actually inspired by our friend Shea Henderson from the Empty Bobbin and it is just beautiful and just so quick and easy. We call it, “Broken Bars”. […]

Too Late To The Party… I Found A Great Spot, But It Was “Almost” Hunted Out

I went hiking, found this beautiful spot and came back. It looks very promising from the metal detecting perspective. That’s how long it takes me to realize that it has already been detected. This section would otherwise contain (“at least”) lots of foil. What a bummer… Look at that… It must have been loaded with […]

Throwing a party (ft. Aitch, Kojey Radical and Connie Constance) with LYNX Music!

welcome back to our links music series this is part 4 you’ve seen us star Connie Constance code you radical and H this is the big the big gig 1,100 people out here in leeks tree it should be mad so links music is all about bringing people together if we’ve got three sick artists […]