Make Your Own Disneyland Diamond Anniversary Cupcake! – My Disneyland 60th Anniversary House Party

Hi Dreamers! Today’s the last video in our Disneyland Diamond Celebration series before the big house party on Twitter at hashtag #DL60HouseParty. Tomorrow we’ll be watching the Dateline Disneyland Official Opening Day Ceremonies exactly 60 years to the second from its original broadcast at 7:30PM Eastern or 4:30PM Pacific. You can read more about it […]

Hot Dog Dance Tutorial Part 2 💃🏿 | Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures | Disney Junior

Do you know what, pals? It’s easy to get active when you move around and dance. So, come on and join me while we do the Hot Dog dance. Announcer: Pump one hand in the air,then the other one.I wonder what the next move will be.Then walk in a circle.That’s it.Way to go, pals.So let’s […]