Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : Display Tips for Collectible Christmas Ornaments

Displaying your ornaments there is so many different ways to display your ornaments but I can give a few suggesting that I have heard off and different ways that people have told me that they have decorated with. The most common is the big 6-7 foot tree in your house during the holiday’s which people […]

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : How to Upgrade Your Christmas Ornament Collection

Upgrading your collection that is something that you might do after you have accumulated what you think is enough in one area. For instance if you a have been collecting now for a long period of time these Santa’s in a variety of sizes and you want to branch out and collect either something else […]

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : Value of Antique Christmas Ornaments

When collecting these ornaments another thing to consider is the value and some of them can be very expensive and where others are very inexpensive and I would show you some examples of that. Here we have this it is a 1950s fantasia bowl in a very large size and another example of the fantasia […]

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : Collecting Era Specific Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is this particular ornament right here was right during the war era in the 1940s it has the tinsel inside. This is the 1940s ranges and here is another one 1940s indent so you can take a look at these. This one in particular is shiny bright, they put these out and they are […]

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : Antique Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments

Then we have free blown which is just figural that have little intents and different colors to them. This is oxidize you can see fun thing to collect that is a example of a free blown. And here we have a couple of examples of fish this is another area of collectibles that some people […]

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : How to Collect Antique Christmas Ornaments

Hello we are talking about Christmas collectibles there is a wide range of Christmas collectibles but today I like to focus on ornaments we are going to narrow it down to a hundred years span. So we would talk a little bit about late Victorian up to the 40s, 50s and we would show you […]

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : How to Store Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments

So starting your collection you might want to think about the size of the tree and the way you are going to display your ornaments Whether you are you going to do a tabletop display or whether you are going to do a full floor display. That would dictate what you are going to be […]

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : Value of Collectible Christmas Ornaments

So then we talked about the popcorn man, Popcorn man doesn’t have that much color left to him but he is very desirable and when he has full color he is worth $300-$400 so that is a consideration when you are going into the early ornaments. This face with the glass eyes runs about $135 […]