2017 Epcot & Magic Kingdom, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party & Be Our Guest

{rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf1561cocoasubrtf200 {fonttblf0fswissfcharset0 Helvetica;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;} {*expandedcolortbl;;} paperw11900paperh16840margl1440margr1440vieww10800viewh8400viewkind0 pardtx566tx1133tx1700tx2267tx2834tx3401tx3968tx4535tx5102tx5669tx6236tx6803pardirnaturalpartightenfactor0 f0fs24 cf0 So we are here at Epcot our first day. We had a lazy day this morning. We just wet out to Denny’92s for breakfast which was good. Never been there before. Now we are at Epcot wondering round the world showcase. Cj is away getting a […]

Deema 9th Birthday Party Indoor Playground Play Area for Kids Fun! Family Vlog Video

deemas channel so make sure to go check it out EDeema stars I love your dress absolutely no runny like do a quick walk if you want but if you run you might like hit something in there we don’t let that happen this is your laser tying best I’ll be wearing it when you’re […]