How Seal Created ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ Frank Sinatra Duet | Billboard | How It Went Down

– [Seal] Hi, my name is Seal and this is how it went down. Now, the song in question today is Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Now, the reason why this particular recording is unique is, of course, because I’m doing a duet with Frank Sinatra. I did the Standards record which is a […]

Finding Santa Claus Land – Aviemore Adventures 2 | Kate’s Adventures

I’m having a wander around the grounds of some of the newer hotels in Aviemore and although they’re fairly new, there’s also some fairly old stuff at them because years ago this was an area called Santa Claus Land. And unfortunately Santa Claus Land only did good business in winter, but they’ve left some of […]

Story of Santa Claus in Hindi | Who is Santa Claus in real life | 25/12/2017

Do you know the reason behind hanging socks outside in Christmas day morning? Well today i will tell about the reason behind hanging socks outside of ones house in Christmas. People often relate this tradition with Santa Claus and today i will tell some interesting stories about Santa. So lets get started. Hi, guys this […]

Celebrate the Camaro 50th Anniversary – Camaro Is Art | Chevrolet

We wanted to celebrate the importance of us having been around for fifty years. The Camaro is art, as a definite statement for each generation. When it came out in 1967 it hit spot-on with the times. There was a very active, youthful movement, expressing oneself by wrapping Chevrolet sheet metal around you. I have […]

Mac Screen Problem: Flickering, Weird Colors, Glitches & Bars/Lines (27-Inch iMac late 2013)

My iMac got a display problem, showing weird lines, colors and glitches on the screen. Would it be a GPU problem? A display defect? Or both? And, more important, would Apple fix it for free? Coming up on Geek Detour. This is me and my iMac 27” from 2013. I love this Mac: the best […]