Stories of Santa Claus and Christmas | Animated Children’s Bible Stories | Holy Tales

hi my name is ray me and my friends Dodie Mimi and fassl’s we love to come to this wonderful library over there on that great book is grand old holy she’s really old and wise and tells us wonderful stories when she’s awake that is let me tell you the story of how Santa […]

Narrated D&D Story: How The Party Actually Tried To Get My Character Killed In Game

[Channel Teaser] How the Party Actually Tried To Get My Character Killed In Game I’ve been playing D&D for a decent while. just two years, nothing too special. But during those two years I have never felt so betrayed than in this game. For a few months I had been scrolling around a discord LFP […]

Willem Dafoe and Julianne Nicholson Answer Questions About Togo | Disney

It’s an action-adventure love story between a man and his dog. WILLEM DAFOE: He starts out as an unassuming, mischievous, undersized puppy. And he grows into this big-hearted, athletic, still undersized lead dog. This whole movie, for me, felt very special. It felt like a very intimate telling of this story. Just being in nature […]

Matt Lauer Erased From ‘Today’ 25th Anniversary Celebration

Talk about awkward. Today celebrated the show’s 25-year anniversary with a commemorative video, but Matt Lauer wasn’t invited to the party. Talk Show Controversies The daytime talk show shared a nearly 6-minute video on Thursday, June 20, that featured a trip down memory lane with some of the biggest personalities to appear on the popular […]

The Unofficial Life Story Of The Real Santa Claus, An Unauthorized Biography #History

In the early hours of the 6th of February 1891, in a small farm just outside Rathjensdorf, a small municipality in Schleswig-Holstein in rural Northern Germany, the world was ready to witness an event that would change the course of its modern history: the birth of Joseph Emmanuel Stumpf, better known as “Santa Claus”. Santa […]

Santa Claus Creates an Explosive Christmas – TABS Story – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mods

Christmas was coming so the tribal brothers were discussing their potential presents I hope I get a new rock! You can get a new rock anytime! This is different! A special rock from North Pole would be amazing! I want a new weapon! Something stronger than this club! Let’s hope Santa brings us what we […]